• Zain Tibeishat
  • Team BWV
  • USA

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Playing : 3+
Birthday : Dec 25, 1994 (26)
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Zain "Bluegod" Tibeishat is an Azwel main, American Soul Calibur VI player who represents Team BWV.

Bluegod is known for consistently finishing top 4 in the Bud Light Beer League 2020 Western Qualifier tournament, 1st place in EVO Japan 2020, Electric Cancel 2019, CEO 2019 Fighting Games Championship, DreamHack Dallas 2019 & Summer Jam 13, 2nd place in Northeast Championship 20, Soul Calibur World Invitational 2019, Texas Showdown 2019 & EVO 2019, 4th place in Kumite in Texas 2019, and 8th in Season 1 of WePlay Ultimate Fighting League Soul Calibur VI.

Bluegod also regularly streams Soul Calibur VI and Legends of Runeterra on Twitch.