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WUFL S1 Teams and Organizations

Femi Famutimi
13 min

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WUFL S1 Teams and Organizations
Get to know the backers of our favorite WUFL S1 players

The first season of the highly anticipated WePlay Esports Ultimate Fighting League has come and gone, but the memories created at the tournament are still fresh and present. Not only was the production value great, but we were privy to some of the very best players in their various disciplines. The likes of SonicFox for Mortal Kombat, Arslan Ash for Tekken, and Bluegod for Soulcalibur were in attendance. 

The trajectory of the FGC has been very pleasing to see as we now have teams willing to sponsor players for competitions all around the world. But many people aren’t really aware of some of these teams and the great work they do to ensure that the best players in the world whom we all love, can do the things they love the most— play video games. 

Below, we’ll take a look at the teams our WUFL contestants swear their allegiance to and learn a bit more about the organizations that support our pro players. 

Team- Evil Geniuses

Player(s)- SonicFox

Formed in 1999, Evil Geniuses (EG for short) have been in the game longer than most. They compete in various disciplines including CS:GO, DOTA, League of Legends, and of course, fighting games. They have collected some of the most iconic pro players over the years including Street Fighter IV Evo winner, Momochi, Justin Wong, and PR Balrog. Nowadays, they are home to iconic fighting games expert, and winner of WUFL S1 Mortal Kombat 11, SonicFox. Also on the roster are Jon ‘Dekillsage’ Coello and Ricki Ortiz who are both accomplished pro players in their various disciplines. Evil Geniuses are committed to picking talent over anything else including race, gender, or orientation. Their success in other esports ventures has made them a leader in the space and one of the top teams in the world. 

FATE Esports is relatively new on the scene (most teams are) as they came around in 2017. They are an organization based in Jordan and have been heavily involved in the recent prominence of Southern Asian pro players like Arslan Ash, Khan, and Farzeen. In terms of fighting games, Tekken 7 seems to be the only one they are involved in. With the success of some of their players in that regard, perhaps we can expect them to branch out a bit more to cover Street Fighter. It is also quite likely that their participation in Tekken is due to the prevalence of Pakistani players in that game, and the growing popularity of a fighter like Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat in that region could lead to greater representation. FATE also partakes in tournaments for CS:GO, PUBG, and DOTA

From Europe comes the Italian Esports team, Exeed. Not too much is known about the outfit, but they came about around 2018 and also have players for FIFARocket League, and Fortnite just to name a few. They have competed in a number of tournaments and will be looking to expand their roster to get a couple of more wins under their belt.

Genuine Gaming is an Australian outfit that competes in fighting games and VALORANT. They have a pretty decent-sized roster with some really great players. For example, in Saint and Awais Honey, they have a couple of the best Tekken 7 players on the planet. They also have players for SFV and Mortal Kombat and are well represented by Australians, Pakistanis, and South Koreans. You can follow them on Twitter.

Giants Gaming, otherwise known as Vodafone Giants, is a Spanish esports team that competes in a variety of disciplines including Tekken 7. They started out in 2008 and dominated the Spanish scene and are on the lookout to spread to the rest of Europe. Bringing on board spectacular professionals like Caiper, they look set to have a bright future within the FGC. They have nothing to prove in several other disciplines as they currently have 13 Spanish Championships in COD, CS:GO, and LoL. They also have two FIFA world championships and a slew of other awards. 

Based in Hong Kong, but with a focus on TaiwanTalon Esports is a team with a very impressive FGC roster. They already have an absolute legend on the books in HotDog29 for SFV. In WUFL S1Talon Esports was ably represented by Book, who also happens to be their very first Tekken 7 player. 

District G is a UK-based collective incredibly passionate about gaming. They are driven by a heart of competition and display this in every single thing they do. They have Tekken 7 veteran, Asim on the books and besides fighting games, they are also active in the FIFA and Minecraft space. Based in LondonDistrict G also put on local tournaments, multiplayer battles, and versus matches. 

Team- UYU

Player(s)- Fergus, Rewind

UYU Esports was established in 2017 but has risen in prominence very quickly with its proactive attitude towards picking up and nurturing top FGC talent. UYU is also one of the few teams that specialize in fighting games and have just recently started to branch out into other disciplines. In the first season of WUFL, they provided viewers with awesome ambassadors in Fergus and Rewind. They are also home to some other incredible players like Oil King, and Kami

NASR Esports are one of those teams that have really come to prominence in recent times. They have been around since 2016 and are well represented in a variety of games including Fortnite, Apex Legends, Mortal Kombat 11, Tekken 7, Street Fighter V, and so on. Not only have they provided a platform for talented players to show their skills, but they have also managed to amass some of the most prolific players in various FGC titles. They made quite a splash in last year’s Street Fighter League when they fielded a team consisting of Evo finalist Big Bird, Angry Bird, and Samurai. They also have Tekken Master who was the inaugural winner of the WePlay Dragon Temple. Boasting over 40 players in 15 different countries, NASR Esports can convincingly lay claim to being one of the biggest esports teams in the world.


The Pittsburg Knights are a team that started out in 2017. They have a talented cast of players who compete in various disciplines like Rainbow Six, Gears of War, Rocket League, and so on. In their most recent foray into the FGC, they picked up highly talented Mortal Kombat player, 2ezWUFL S1 happened to be 2ez’s first competitive outing for the Knights

Founded by Aziza Brown, who has simply been a force to be reckoned with in the scene, Dynamik Focus has a team of some of the fiercest competitors who also happen to be the nicest people in existence. Who didn’t fall in love with Grr at Dragon Temple? Or who wasn’t impressed by the calm demeanor of Saiyne at WUFL? Dynamik Focus came into existence in 2017 and is really active in the FGC with teams in SFV MK11, Tekken 7, Soulcalibur, and Dragon Ball FighterZ

Team Mystery probably had the most exciting players at the WUFL tournament. They are primarily in the online space and have found a home almost exclusively in NRS games. They also dabble in DBZ from time to time. They might not be the most popular team on this list, but they certainly made a splash with their representatives. Arnkratos, who before WUFL wasn’t a well-known name, shocked everyone by taking second place in his group only behind SonicFox. Even more impressive was MK_Azerbaijan who coming from a country not well known for its gaming pedigree, really showed people the insane pool of talent that is yet untapped at the moment. It remains to be seen if Team Mystery will venture into other fighting games, but with their selection style, you can imagine that they will be making a splash really soon. 

CGL is a tournament organizer that seeks to provide opportunities for every gamer with a dream. They throw a variety of tournaments and are very active within the FGC and esports at large. They also have a few excellent players in their stable who are streamers like DizzyTT and VGY

Beastcoast is an American esports team with representatives in a variety of titles, including Rainbow 6, TFT, DOTA 2, and the FGC. Their presence within the FGC really started to take root in 2017 when they signed Honeybee to join their Mortal Kombat team. They have since added Dragon and Biohazard, both top players for MK. They are staunch believers in making their players comfortable and ensuring the provision of quality content at all times. 

Team- Panda

Player(s)- Hayatei, Shen Chan

What is so unique about Panda is their almost exclusive focus on solo games. So, while other teams have teams of players for games such as Fortnite, DOTA, and LoL, Panda is more concerned with individual players. In this regard, they have done an excellent job in supporting grassroots FGC content and tournaments and have also attracted god-tier players, including Punk, who is considered by many to be the best Street Fighter V player in the world. They also have Shen Chan for Soulcalibur and Hayatei for Mortal Kombat 11 on their roster. With operations that stretch back as far as 2015, they have a track record of fairness to players, and this has made them one of the premier esports teams in the world. It, of course, doesn’t hurt that they have players from underrepresented scenes like Chess and card games.

Accelerate Gaming is an esports team that focuses solely on the FGC. They have players representing the team’s interest in SFV, SCVI, Tekken 7, and Dead or Alive. Their commitment to the FGC has seen them placed as a highly regarded team within the scene. Amongst their talented roster is Party Wolf who was so impressive at the just concluded WUFL S1.

Team- Team BWV

Player(s)- Linkorz, Bluegod

Just like Skyll, Team Oplon is an esports team based in France. They are involved in several games, including LoL, Rainbow Six, and the FGC. Skyll is currently their sole representative in the FGC, but with such a skilled player, it can be considered a huge coup to get a player of that caliber. So far, Skyll has been an excellent representative winning several tournaments (especially in 2019 when he was basically untouchable) and proving to be a top sportsman. Skyll’s run at WUFL S1 was remarkable, and he can walk with his head held high due to his achievements. It is hoped that Team Oplon adds to their FGC roster, and we see some other incredible players join the team.

The esports scene would be nothing without the teams and organizations that prop up the players and ensure that they are available to play the games they love. We hope that by WUFL S2, we can boast about a more robust lineup of teams and organizations. 

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This material was created with the support of our Patrons. You can support us!

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