WUFL Soulcalibur VI S1 Ends On the Most Thrilling Note

Femi Famutimi
Apr 05 20215 min
WUFL Soulcalibur VI S1 Ends ON the Most Thrilling Note
Soulcalibur VI was well celebrated with a befitting tournament. Here's how the players fared

It has been an incredible couple of days with Soulcalibur VI, but now it's over and we have a winner for WUFL S1. There were cheers, and tears, and in the middle some outstanding gameplay. Here's how the results went down.

Upper Bracket

Party Wolf v Bluegod

Yuttoto v Linkorz

AkeoPo v TheKura 

Skyll v Woahhzz

Lower Bracket

Bluegod v Yuttoto

TheKura v Skyll

Winners Semi-Final

Party Wolf v Linkorz

Woahhzz v AkeoPo

Losers Quarter-Finals

Party Wolf v Skyll

AkeoPo v Yuttoto

Winners Final

Linkorz v Woahhzz

Losers Semi-Final

Yuttoto v Skyll

Losers Final

Linkorz v Skyll

Grand Final

Woahhzz v Skyll


Woahhzz took home the WUFL belt after a thrilling victory against Skyll. It was a continuation of the great USA/France rivalry and this time, the Americans came out on top. With his incredible Setsuka, Woahhzz was able to overwhelm Skyll's Mitsurugi. The latter had come from the loser's bracket in fantastic fashion defeating some really strong opponents on the way. Face-to-face with Woahhzz against whom he had already lost earlier in the night, Skyll was a lot more prepared. Patiently waiting to punish whiffs and capitalize on errors, Skyll looked like he could do it. But, Woahhzz is such an experienced campaigner that there was really nothing the Frenchman could do.

Congratulations to Woahhzz who has shown that his Setsuka isn't simply an online gimmick, but can mix it up with the very best in the business. 

Next week is Tekken 7 and we can't wait for the incredible action coming our way. 

Top Matches of The Night

Party Wolf v Skyll

Party Wolf was the undisputed star of the first day of the tournament. The Soulcalibur veteran was sublime winning every match he played to finish top of the group and cement himself as a firm favorite to take the entire thing. He also started the night in good form playing an incredible set against Bluegod and sending him to the losers. However, he came undone when he played against Linkorz and with his first defeat of the tournament, he found himself in the losers bracket. There, h had to come up against none other than Skyll. The two are such amazing players that it was a given that anyone who lost the match could feel hard done by. The set lived up to everyone expectations as Party Wolf, using Cassandra, pressured Skyll's Mitsurugi, and there were times that it looked like Party Wolf would overwhelm Skyll

Party Wolf was stealing rounds left and right and coming back from bad positions. However, even with Party Wolf's high-level playstyle, it was evident that Skyll was adapting and soon started to turn the tables round. As he patiently positioned himself around the stage, looking for optimal locations to punish Party Wolf, his influence started to show more. Soon, he had the upper hand. It all came down to the last game, and Skyll, was able to take it, sending Party Wolf out of the tournament after such an incredible start. 


Linkorz v Woahhzz

Look, Linkorz was my favorite player in this tournament. He was an absolute bundle of nerves and this only endeared him to viewers. Also impressive is how competitive Linkorz gets once he has a chance to settle. Even with his nerves, he pulled off an incredible victory over Party Wolf which sent him to losers. Up against eventual winner Woahhzz in the winners' semi-final, Linkorz was ready to play and he whipped out his Amy who was pretty handy against Yuttoto. Woahhzz with his Setsuka was initially overwhelmed by Linkorz who drove him into a corner. But the champion made a switch to Taki and the tables were turned. Linkorz did all he could but ultimately lost out.


Most Valuable Player

Maybe I'm a little biased, but Linkorz was most impressive on the night. Not only did he defeat Party Wolf, but he also defeated his nerves every time he stepped up to the plate to play. I thought that was an incredibly brave and inspirational thing to do. And in defeat, he was so gracious which again impressed me. Linkorz has gained a new fan and I will certainly be rooting for him in any tournament he partakes in.


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