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Soul Calibur VI’s Greatest Characters

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Soul Calibur VI’s Greatest Characters
Cream of the crop

Although the majority of fighting games have a strong selection of characters, there’s an argument to suggest that Soul Calibur VI’s collection of familiar faces is one of the very best in the genre. Sure, Street Fighter 5 also has some likable personalities and formidable fighters, but Soul Calibur edges it for many.

In the gaming sphere in general, gaming audiences have always taken to titles that boast stellar line-ups. After all, if a specific release has characters that audiences fail to engage with, then it can immediately turn them off, no matter how fun and entertaining the game is. Even today, titles away from the fighting genre contain a diverse array of characters, with titles like Disco Elysium featuring an intriguing cast. Likewise, Spiritfarer has a firm focus on its characters. Gamers are also exploring slots online to try, with games like 2 Fortunate Pirates and 9 Mad Hats containing characters that people can immediately hit it off with. Essentially, the inclusion of some weak characters can result in failure for certain gaming products.

In fighting games, in particular, eye-catching characters are highly important. Without them, games of this type would simply fail to take off. As such, it’s refreshing to see Soul Calibur VI’s cohort of fighters continuing to remain exciting in the latest version of the game. So, with that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the game’s greatest characters below.


One of the many reasons behind Soul Calibre’s overall popularity as a franchise is due to the game’s selection of powerful female fighters. Where some games in this category tend to focus on producing deadly male characters, Soul Calibur’s makers clearly put a lot of thought into their line-up of female combatants. Ivy immediately springs to mind in that respect, with this much-loved face inspiring gaming audiences to dress up as her at parties and for various gaming conventions all over the world. In the game, Ivy’s a dangerous opponent if you give her too much space, particularly as she has the ability to throw you off the edge with ease.


A character so many diehard fans of the game adore, Raphael is easily one of the strongest characters on the roster, given the speed of his attacks and the undisputed power he possesses. His range is tricky to combat; he jumps in and out of battle in a highly annoying manner, and he’s incredibly hard to defeat. It’s worth noting that he can be tough to play with if your skill level isn’t quite there yet, but once you get to grips with him, then Raphael’s all-round attacks and his devastating speed make him one of the game’s most dangerous faces.


Another solid female in the game, Amy, is a favorite character for many fans of Soul Calibur. One of the newer faces in the franchise, the community of gamers who play the game, has clearly taken to her. Amy is a terrifying presence; her red and white rose-based attack is almost impossible to fight against, and her speed and power make her a character not to be messed with. A popular choice with gamers who are attempting to silence a loved one, Amy’s definitely one of the game’s more resilient and, therefore, intimidating characters.


Cervantes - Soulcalibur VI Guide - IGN

A familiar beast who has appeared in a number of versions of the game, Cervantes is a fighter fans of the franchise definitely shouldn’t get close to. With positioning being important, avoiding Cervantes’ horrifying attacks is easier said than done. His long reach and petrifying appearance result in a hair-raising experience whenever you do battle with him.

This material was created with the support of our Patrons. You can support us!

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