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WUFL MK11 Pocket Team Clash Recap

Femi Famutimi
4 min

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WUFL MK11 Pocket Team Clash Recap
A night of fun with all the alternative characters

After a grueling 2 days of action-packed Mortal Kombat 11. It was time for the players to let their hair down and have some fun. The WePlay Pocket Team Klash pit together all sixteen players in eight teams of two. The line up was as follows:

  • Rewind/2ez
  • SonicFox/MK_Azerbaijan
  • TheMightyUnjust/Kombat
  • Tekken Master/DizzyTT
  • VideoGamezYo/A F0xy Grampa
  • Dragon/Konqueror
  • Biohazard/Arnkratos
  • Grr/Hayatei

It was set up as a classic double-elimination bracket with each team required to beat the other till there was no one left. Here's how the players fared

Team results

Tekken Master/DizzyTT vs Rewind/2ez

Dragon/Konqueror vs A F0xy Grampa/VideoGamezYo

Arnkratos/Biohazard vs SonicFox/MK_Azerbaijan

Grr/Hayatei vs TheMightyUnjust/Kombat

Losers Round 2

Tekken Master/DizzyTT vs A F0xy Grampa/VideoGamezYo

MK_Azerbaijan/SonicFox vs Hayatei/Grr


Winner's Semi-Final

Rewind/2ez vs Dragon/Konqueror249

Arnkratos/Biohazard vs TheMightyUnjust/Kombat

Loser's Quarterfinal

Biohazard/Arnkratos vs A F0xy Grampa/VideoGamezYo

Dragon/Konqueror vs SonicFox/MK_Azerbaijan

Winner's Final

2ez/Rewind vs TheMightyUnjust/Kombat

Loser's Semi-Final

VideoGamezYo/A F0xy Grampa vs MK_Azerbaijan/SonicFox

Loser's Final

Rewind/2ez vs SonicFox/MK_Azerbaijan


Grand Final

Kombat/TheMightyUnjust vs SonicFox/MK_Azerbaijan

Secret Boss Final

Kombat/TheMightyUnjust vs Aquaman/Big D



It was a night of fun as we got to see several characters that we would probably never see pro players use in a tournament. There were some choices that felt fairly standard and expected like Konqueror's Scorpion and Grr's Rambo, while others seemed out of left field like Hayatei's Sindel. 

Kombat, who was teamed with TheMightyUnjust really thrived in this tournament, using a flurry of characters to dispatch opponents with ease. Another really fun team-up was SonicFox/MK_Azerbaijan. The Rain user is the talk of the tournament and he showed that he is just as good as some of the top players in the world when it comes to using a slew of characters from the roster. That said, his Sheeva was the most impressive of the bunch and he really showed an understanding of the character with some really 'big brain' choices. 


Top match of the night

The grand final which saw Kombat & TheMightyUnjust take on SonicFox & MK_Azerbaijan was without a doubt, the most intriguing match of the night and very fitting for a Grand Final. Kombat was dominant with his Raiden pick which he used to torment Azerbaijan who went with Sheeva. In what happened to be the turning point of the match, Azerbaijan failed to take his chance to finish off Kombat and he was able to win the second round, thereby taking the game and setting up a final match against SonicFox. Fox decided to go with Skarlet, a character we see very little of. To counter that pick, Kombat decided on Kotal Kahn and it turned out to be the right decision. Able to defend perfectly, Kombat was able to repel SonicFox's attacks and once he saw a chance, he punished the best player in the world accordingly. 

In a humorous twist, Kombat even deployed 'Mercy' on SonicFox at the end of the game. This could have proven costly, but such was Kombat's confidence that even at that, he was still able to take the game and win his team the tournament. 


Surprise, Surprise

As an added treat for the fans, analysts Big D and Aquaman even got on to play the winning team. As you would expect, it was a pretty free win for Kombat who was so dominant that TheMightyUnjust never even got to play in the finals. 

With all that congeniality done and dusted, it will be time for the serious stuff tomorrow as we go into the playoffs and by the end of the night, we will have the inaugural champion for the WUFL MK11 Season 1

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This material was created with the support of our Patrons. You can support us!

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