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WUFL Tekken 7 Full Tournament Info

Femi Famutimi
5 min

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WUFL Tekken 7 Full Tournament Info (Why You Don't Want To Miss This)
Tekken WUFL S1 groups, schedules, players, and why you do not want to miss this

We've reveled in the unabashed brutality of Mortal Kombat 11, we have basked in the glow of glorious battle with Soulcalibur VI. But, we still have one tournament to go: Tekken 7.

With DashFight on hand to give you unlimited access to all the action, gear up for a few days of some 'good ass Tekken' as 16 players from various parts of the world battle it out from two groups (A & B) for a chance to win a slice of the $50,000 prize pot. 

There will be two groups with eight players in each group. Each match will be a best of three (BO3) and the top four players from each group will qualify for the playoffs. 

The event is slated to take place from the 8th-11th of April 2021 and proceedings for each day starts from 8 PM CEST /11 AM PST/ 6 PM UK Time.

Tekken 7 WUFL Season 1 Group Stage Schedule

The group stage matches will take place on the 8th and 9th of April 2021 (Thursday & Friday). Each match will be a BO3 and there will be 28 matches for each group stage day. The event will start from 8 PM CEST /11 AM PST/ 6 PM UK Time.

Saturday's Tekken WUFL Special Event

Until now, the 3rd day has featured a pretty fun pocket team clash where the players are paired into teams of two who play each other in a double-elimination bracket. However, this time, WePlay Esports have something special planned. So, be sure to tune in from 8 PM CEST /11 AM PST/ 6 PM UK Time.

Playoffs Brackets and Schedule - Tekken WUFL Season 1

With the group games done, it will now be down to the last eight to battle it out for a slice of that sweet $50,000 prize pot. All the qualifiers will start off from an upper bracket with losers dropping down to the lower bracket. The playoff matches are also Bo5, while the Grand Final will be a hard-fought Bo9 set. As with the other days, Playoff matches start at 8 PM CEST /11 AM PST/ 6 PM UK Time.

Here are how the groups look

WUFL Tekken 7 Group A

  • Arslan Ash
  • Asim
  • Book
  • Kirakira
  • Caiper
  • Ghirlanda
  • BorisSonic


WUFL Tekken 7 Group B

  • JDCR
  • Fergus
  • Bilal
  • Super Akouma
  • Awais Honey
  • Jopelix
  • Danielmado


If you thought the only hype thing about WUFL S1 Tekken 7 was the players, think again. Along with the players, the tournament is also stacked full of amazing talent. Hosting the event is the ever-capable James Banks who was also on hand to handle matters for Soulcalibur and Mortal Kombat

Joining Banks for analysis are well respected MYK and RIP. With their keen eyes and in-depth knowledge of Tekken, you can be sure of some eye-opening analysis. 

On the mic are four amazing talents:

  • Tasty Steve
  • Mark Julio
  • Spag
  • K-Wiss


What happened before...

Before Tekken, there was MK11 and Soulcalibur VI. For the former, tournament favorite, SonicFox emerged as the winner, while Woahhzz was the champion for Soulcalibur VI

Each tournament was filled with hype moments from Arnkratos surprising everyone on the first day of MK11 battles, to Myloes' insane showing at the Soulcalibur tournament too. 

If I did have to pick a hype moment that stuck with me, it would have to be that Grand Final between SonicFox and Tekken Master. With both players at four games each, it seemed like Tekken Master might just have the edge and with his impressive display with Cetrion, it looked like the man from Bahrain might take it. But SonicFox had other plans. As the master of clutch comebacks, they pressured Tekken Master and trapped him at the wall which is a horrible place to find yourself with Joker. Eventually, TM was worn down and SonicFox claimed a tense victory to reset the bracket. 

The tournament was not without its cringe moments. For instance, there was the thing with Sheeva

While that was a humorous moment, I absolutely loved it because its a moment no one would forget. Something of an aberration in an otherwise flawless tournament. The FGC has a wacky side, and it was nice to see that in full display. That said, we could have done without seeing it for Soulcalibur, but, we weren't so lucky. 

The pocket team clash also featured a lot of silly moments and memeable pictures, especially from the UK players who have some of the best expressions in all of esports. I mean, just look at DizzyTT

VideoGamezYo also gave us a great picture to have a bit of fun with. 

You can check out a plethora of interviews we have of all the players here. You can also relive the action on the official WUFL account on YouTube

If you want to read short recaps of all the action for Soulcalibur VI, you can do so here, while for MK11, please check here

As for all the live action, check it out on WUFL's twich channel

And as for socials, follow DashFight on Twitter, Facebook, and Discord.


This material was created with the support of our Patrons. You can support us!

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