• Joni Huovinen
  • Finland

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Birthday : Jan 21, 1997 (25)
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Joni "Jopelix" Huovinen is a pro Tekken player from Finland. He's one of the most prolific Claudio players in the Tekken scene at the moment, second only to Shadow20z, who represented the character with great success. Some of Jopelix's best performances include taking 1st place at NorCal StrongStyle European Qualifier in 2018, where he defeated Super Akouma to take the top spot. A very similar result occurred during Brussels Challenge Road to EVO 2019, where Jopelix once again defeated Super Akouma to take the first place. He has several 1st place finishers in other European regional tournaments as well, such as Demoman Dojo vol3, Grail Quest 2019, and Install 2019. Joni also competed in EVO 2019 and EVO Japan 2020 with respectable results, achieving 17th and 65th place respectively.

You can find Jopelix on twitter.