DashFight Video Interview: Jopelix

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DashFight Video Interview: Jopelix
Check out our conversation with this Tekken 7 pro player from Finland

Jopelix is one of the most prominent players in the European fighting esports scene. He regularly demonstrates exceptional fighting style with his main character, Claudio, and takes decent positions at international tournaments.

During the recent WePlay UFL Season 1, we recorded a video interview with this guy - and now, it’s posted to the DashFight YouTube channel.


  • First steps in Tekken
  • Why are offline esports events special?
  • The strongest players and regions of the Tekken 7 scene
  • In-game balance of Tekken 7
  • Will Jopelix become a coach?
  • Football and esports
  • Finnish Tekken players

Joni “Jopelix” Huovinen - Interview for DashFight

Jopelix had two victories during the group stage of Tekken 7 WUFL - that wasn’t enough to proceed to the playoffs, though. Some other players were more successful, such as JDCR and Arslan Ash. Please, check out their interviews as well.

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