Video Interview with Hyunjin "JDCR" Kim

Sebastian Quintanilla
1 min
Video Interview with Hyunjin "JDCR" Kim
Hear mor about the South Korean legend that is JDCR and his extensive competitive career in Tekken 7.

DashFight sat down with Tekken 7 Legend Hyunjin "JDCR" Kim as he prepared for his playoffs matches on the WePlay Ultimate Fighting League's inaugural Tekken 7 season. The South Korean player is well known as one of the best players in the latter part of the decade, a career and an experience he now shares in this exclusive DashFight interview.


  • JDCR's coming to Kyiv and participating on WePlayUFL
  • His Family relation pre and post-COVID
  • His dog Soondol!
  • Creating content in the pandemic year
  • His daily routine and the possibility of retiring
  • Reminiscing about his career accomplishments
  • Korean talent and his own future in the community
WUFL S1 | JDCR Interview | TEKKEN 7 | DashFight

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