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WUFL Tekken 7 Day 2 Recap

Elizbar Ramazashvili
5 min

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WUFL Tekken 7 Day 2 Recap
Upsets, surprises, emotions!

The second day of the WePlay Ultimate Fighting League Season 1 Tekken 7 tournament had in store more drama and emotions than the first one. We even had what could be called the first major upset during the Tekken 7 event. Let’s look at all the best moments that happened today!

Qualified From Group B

The Full Standings at the end of Groups

WUFL Tekken 7 Day 2 Recap

Unlike the first group, which had a clear favorite after the seeding took place, consensus about Group B was that it had three likely victors, with the fourth slot up for grabs. One of the projected winners of the group was the Korean veteran JDCR. The former Evo champion didn’t look as dominant with Dragunov as Arslan Ash did with Zafina in his pool, but his sidestep game and patient defence still let him defeat his pursuers and secure the top spot in Group A. The only blemish on his record was the loss in the very last match of Day 2 against Jopelix’s Claudio in the set that had no repercussions on the ladder.

Awais Honey, one of the strongest players of the Pakistani FGC scene, was projected to be JDCR’s main rival. The Akuma master started the day very well, defeating his compatriot and a close friend Bilal in a one-sided affair. A painful loss versus JDCR jeopardized his chances to top the group. Still, the further blow was yet to come: a big defeat against Fergus almost cost him second place in Group B – he bested Danielmado only thanks to the head-to-head victory.

Awais Honey’s friend and training partner Bilal was slated to be the third qualified player from Group B, but the European players had some other ideas. In addition to losing to his direct competitors, he also tasted the bitterness of defeat against Super Akouma and one of the heroes of the day – Danielmado. The Italian Cristiano Ronaldo fan had the opportunity to showcase the great footballer’s iconic celebration with his own flair five times, and guaranteed himself the place among the eight best competitors for the Sunday playoffs.

Very close to qualifying for the next round was Group B’s another Akuma main – Super Akouma. But in addition to losing to the leaders, he also ceded his matches against Fergus and Danielmado, and, after some misunderstanding with the points system, exited the playoffs contention with four defeats.

Sadly, just like yesterday, the second day also gave us the unfortunate sight of a player going 0:7. This time it was the Danish BLACKBEARD, who couldn’t find his groove and clutch the rounds out despite performing admirably. 

Top Matches of Day 2

Awais Honey vs. JDCR

10:45 PMBO3Awais Honeyflag

The round-robin format sometimes forces players to make some strange decisions. After sticking with his beloved Akuma for the whole day, Awais Honey decided to pick his pocket Negan versus JDCR, in hopes that this matchup would give him a better shot at winning. It started well enough, with the Pakistani player taking the first round. But then the Korean veteran remembered that he is a sidestep master, and old man Negan lacks homing abilities that can reach him during movement. The rest should be watched, not told.

Awais Honey vs. Fergus


11:40 PMBO3Awais Honeyflag

Fergus the Waifu Whisperer, as James Banks affectionately called him during the introduction, required a small miracle to make it into the top-4. The task seemed impossible, as Awais Honey lost his previous bout with JDCR and needed the sixth win to officially guarantee himself second place in Group B. However, Fergus found it within himself to go toe-to-toe with one of the best players in the world and take the set in one of the cleanest displays. The nailbiting ending of the match had analysts on their feet, applauding the brave Irishman.

Most Valuable Player of Day 2


It was a tough decision to pick just one MVP of Day 2. JDCR deserved it for the calm defensive play that gave him the top spot; Danielmado most definitely earned it for throwing the whole pool into the state of chaos and then thriving in it. But we’re naming Fergus as our MVP of Day 2.

He started his day well enough, with a convincing victory with Asuka against Jopelix. Then, for some unfathomable reason, he developed a character crisis: Katarina was picked against JDCR, and Lidia lost against Danielmado. Commentators made a wise remark: Fergus’s skill was never in question, it’s his confidence in himself and his character that were shaky. After seemingly being out of contention for the playoffs after three losses in a row, something clicked for him. The aforementioned victory against Awais Honey was his crowning achievement for today.

But this victory alone wouldn’t have been enough, if not for Danielmado’s win against Super Akouma, which had Fergus at the edge of his seat for the whole battle:

WUFLS1 Tekken 7 Day 2 Highlights

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This material was created with the support of our Patrons. You can support us!

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