Final day of the WUFL Tekken 7 comes to a bombastic end

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Final day of the WUFL Tekken 7 comes to a bombastic end
Could you have guess the winner from that initial bracket?!

What a day for Tekken. The competition was fierce from the first minute of the playoffs to the very end. Although upsets were few and far between, even the matches that seemed imbalanced were teeth clenched every time. As a closing for the WePlay Ultimate Fighting League's first season, nobody could have asked for more.

Upper Bracket Opening Matches

The opening four matches of the day followed expectations, with the Pakistanis and South Koreans moving on to the semi-finals. The European squad would have to knock each other out to continue in the tournament. That is not to say there were no interesting matches. On the contrary, most if not all of these four openers carried with them some incredible action, with Fergus taking a round off Arslan Ash.

Lower Bracket Round 1

With the European group having to figure which would continue in their run on the lower bracket, the key highlight of the section was Caiper vs. Danielmado, a brutal series, and a personal choice as one of the highlight matches. It went back and forth between the two players and got everyone hyped about the remaining matches on lower. But first, the Upper Semis.

Upper Semi-Finals

Could also be considered a regional final any other day of the year. Arslan Ash taking a decisive victory over his brethren Awais Honey. And JDCR dismantling Saint.

Lower Bracket Round 2 and Semi-Final

With the South Korean and Pakistani finals over, it was now up to Fergus and Caiper, the fan favorites of the old continent, to fight as hard as possible to get past what feels like an impassable barrier of skill. Awais Honey and Saint would come up on top and fight it out against each other next in a series that by all means could have easily been a 3-2 victory for either player if not for Awais Honey's amazing control of Akuma.

Upper and Lower Finals

JDCR had produced excellent results all day long, but Arslan Ash proved too much for the Evo Champion. Furthermore, as stated after losing to Awais Honey in the lower finals, he was not preparing to use Dragunov in his tournament run, but Fahkumram, but once in Kyiv playing in a ps4 offline, he decided to switch over to the Russian as he felt most familiar with it.

Grand Finals

The stage was set then for a revenge match. Arslan Ash versus Awais Honey. An all-Pakistan final for the first season of WePlay Ultimate Fighting League. A best of 9 that showcased the skill level of the best players in the world.

The first surprise of the match was the switch out of Akuma for Awais Honey into Negan. But even with the character change from the start, Arslan Ash took the first round in a dominant 3-0 fashion, continuing that streak on round two after a stage to 6-0 and up to two wins. After those two hard rounds, Awais switched it up back to his main Akuma for the third round, which did not change his luck, although at least somewhat closer this time.

Round 4 was not looking better, with Zafina still opening Akuma up like a book and reading the pages with ease. In Round Five, after a morale boost with a win at the very last second of battle with a low hit, Awais' Akuma managed to go up 2-0 and quickly looked strong for the comeback and secured the first round for his side. Next round, Awais continued his comeback route by winning a heart-pounding 3-2 round. But in the end, Arslan picked up where he left off and got a 3-0 score for his last round, winning WePlay Ultimate Fighting league Tekken 7 season 1 with a 5-2 record.

WUFL Season 1 | Day 4 Highlights | Tekken 7

Most Valuable Player

Without a doubt, it has to be Arslan Ash. Everyone gave it their all on the stage. But Arslan well and truly competed on a different level, even when compared with his Pakistani brethren or South Korean rivals he was not only able to secure victories but did so in dominating fashion and carved his name into history. perhaps Arslan's win will motivate his opponents to do more in the next season of the WUFL. And for that, for putting the pressure on others to be at his level, he is DashFight's most valuable player.

You can catch an exclusive DashFight interview with Arslan Ash before the playoffs bracket on our Youtube Channel now and subscribe to it for more interviews in the future.

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