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WUFL SC6 Day 1 Recap

Sebastian Quintanilla
4 min

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WUFL SC6 Day 1 Recap
Relive all the action of an action packed WUFL SC6 day one

The second week of the WePlay Ultimate Fighting League has just begun, but Day 1 is already over. Eight of the best SoulCalibur players in the world took to the stage to find the four best players of their group to move on to the Playoffs on Sunday. So let's look back at the events and the best in-game moments of Day 1 to recap all the action!

Qualified From Group A

The Full Standings at the end of Groups

WUFL SoulCalibur VI Day 1 Recap

Party Wolf came out knocking, qualifying strongly after game five with a 10-3 record with two more games to play to reach the glorious 7-0 clean group. One of the evening's brilliant players was Yoki, the pride of New York City, who was able to put up a fight all the way to the end. And do not let the final tally deceive you. She was a fierce opponent in every single set, with many highlights stamped with her tag. Another offline "Rookie" that came close to securing a place at the top four was D3xus, the Swedish gift to SoulCalibur esports was forged on the online competition and came in prepared with a stellar Siegfried.

Skyll Was the second to secure himself a spot for the playoffs only dropping a match versus leader Party Wolf. Shen Chan played the gatekeeper role in this particular group, winning sets over those who ranked below but not scoring important wins against those above him. A vital match for Shen Chan was against Party Wolf at the tail end of the day which he was unable to secure. This would eventually cost him a place in the playoffs. 

Top Matches of Day 1

D3xus vs Kura

10:00 PMBO3D3xusflag

As noted before, D3xus' Siegfried was a delight to watch throughout the whole group, but when it came to the best match with him it needs to be the one up against Kura's Kilik. The end score does not reflect the true nature of the match as the 2-0 hides some very clutch rounds that could have gone either way for the players. But don't just take our word for it, HBTWarrior said so himself.

Skyll vs Party Wolf

8:15 PMBO3Party Wolfflag

The top two players of groups undoubtedly had an impressive clash earlier in the day. A methodical game that could have shown us what is yet to come in the playoffs. Skyll fielded his trusty Mitsuguri while Party Wolf commanded the stage all day with Cassandra. A one of only three series that pushed Party Wolf to a game three, the others being TheKura and Linkorz

Most Valuable Player of Day 1


Yes, winning 7-0 like Party Wolf is brilliant. Yes, Skyll is without a doubt a methodical killer who can read their opponents like a magazine. Yes, Linkozr only lost to Skyll and Party Wolf. But TheKura travelled across the world to compete on a primarily western event. They had a rough time in the groups and ended with a fragile 10-6 score but did he ever give up? did he ever thought it was over? NO! He doubled down on it and made sure to stay in the running for the rest of the event.

If he continues to sharpen his matchups from today to the playoffs, Skyll, Party Wolf, and Linkorz should be worried about what might be coming for them in the playoffs.


And of course, check out the most spectacular in-game moments from Day 1!

WUFL Season 1 | Day 1 Highlights | Soulcalibur VI

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This material was created with the support of our Patrons. You can support us!

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