• Yokasta Vargas
  • USA

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Playing : 6+
Birthday : Jan 11, 1990 (33)
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Seong Mi-Na
CharacterWin rateTotal usage
Seong Mi-Na18 %17

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Yokasta "Yoki" Vargas is a Seong Mi-na main, American Soul Calibur VI player currently representing Team DEUS.

Considered one of the strongest female competitive Soul Calibur VI players in the USA, Yoki has had top 8 placements in a number of LAN and online tournaments like the NYCalibur Cloud Persec Edition - NLBC, The Mighty Mooks, The End of Days XII PC, Colorado's Soulcalibur 6 Online Monthly for the month of May, NYCalibur Next Level Battle Circuit: Online Edition, EX Reversal (NCS Major), First Attack 2019, Battle For The East and Long Island Retro Gaming Expo 2017.

You can also check Yoki out on Twitch and Instagram.