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13 Winners of Kumite in Tennessee

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13 Winners of Kumite in Tennessee
472 attendees fought for victories in the most popular fighting games

This event is one of the biggest in North America, and it’s great to see Kumite in Tennessee returning despite global difficulties with organizing offline tournaments. It actually was canceled, but then, the organizers managed to provide a safe environment for many competitors.

Kumite in Tennessee 2021 hosted 13 (!) tournaments for 12 games (SSBU had 1v1 and 2v2 competitions). This post contains all the results.


Samurai Shodown | Kumite in Tennessee 2021

It was the only SNK game at the event, which is not a surprise as the company is mainly focused on the soon-coming King of Fighters XV.

Andyocr had a confident run at the Samurai Shodown tournament. The player got three clear victories (2:0, 2:0, 3:0) and lost only one game in the Grand Final (3:1).

Dead or Alive 6 | Kumite in Tennessee 2021

This game might be a great show if you like brutal fights and suggestive costumes. The latest installment to the series did not get vast popularity in the community, but it manages to keep the franchise alive. This tournament is proof. 

Khaliah Delorean won the competition.

Guilty Gear Strive | Kumite in Tennessee 2021

For some period, Guilty Gear Strive got a huge portion of attention from the fighting games community. Lots of pro players explored this title after the release. Even now, when the fuss is not that loud, the game remains popular, and we can expect it to stay in the esports industry for quite a while.

JakeyTheSnakey won the tournament playing Sol Badguy. The player lost only one match in the Top 8 part — the Grand Final. But then JakeyTheSnakey managed to grab the victory back.

Injustice 2 | Kumite in Tennessee 2021

The community waits in anticipation for the announcement of the next NRS game. There are rumors out in the wild that it will be Injustice 3. Meanwhile, the previous installment to the series still has esports events.

The winner of this tournament is Grr. You might know him as one of the participants of WUFL MK11.

Mortal Kombat X | Kumite in Tennessee 2021

Even having MK11 for quite a while, pro players still participate in MKX tournaments. Euphoring won this time with a successful run in the brackets.

Mortal Kombat 11 | Kumite in Tennessee 2021

Of course, this NRS game is much bigger. The company has stopped working on updates, but MK11 still gathers competitors online and offline. Do you play Mortal Kombat 11?

Grr, the Injustice 2 winner, fought in this tournament as well. But TurkeySucks stopped him twice: in the Winners Final and Grand Final.

Tekken 7 | Kumite in Tennessee 2021

The Tekken 7 community can’t complain about the lack of attention from Bandai Namco. The support could be better, for sure, but the company organizes many official events and keeps Tekken esports alive. The game was part of Evo 2021. Tekken 7 Online Challenge 2021 takes place in different regions. 

AkumuNarakuShinu won Tekken 7 KIT 2021.

SoulCalibur VI | Kumite in Tennessee 2021

The community of this fighting game is not as big as of the other titles, but the players here are very passionate. We could witness that during WUFL SoulCalibur VI, and it’s great to see the game highlighted at other big events.

This time, the winner is Yoki.

Dragon Ball FighterZ | Kumite in Tennessee 2021

We are in the middle of the DBFZ World Championship right now — many official qualifiers are over, and the Regional Finals are right around the corner. Who knows, maybe for players, KIT 2021 is not only a great tournament but also a nice opportunity to prepare for an even bigger competition.

Vyrmyr won DBFZ KIT 2021 after resetting the Grand Final.

Smash Ultimate | Kumite in Tennessee 2021

SSBU got the last DLC character recently (Sora from Kingdom Hearts), and some people in the community start questioning the future of this Smash game. It is totally alive, even if Nintendo is rather reluctant to conduct big official tournaments. The recent release of Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl couldn’t become a serious threat for Smash Ultimate.

At KIT 2021, the SSBU event was won by Buzzeh.

Smash Ultimate Doubles | Kumite in Tennessee 2021

2v2 competition is a popular form of fun in platformer fighting games. Brawlhalla has such modes. And of course, Smash Ultimate has it.

The team of merf and Kip! won SSBU Doubles at KIT 2021

Street Fighter V | Kumite in Tennessee 2021

Street Fighter is kind of an elite fighting esports discipline, so it’s present at so many big events. While the community is waiting for Luke to be added to the fights, pro players participate in regular CPT events (Daigo is one of the recent winners).

NoNeedToTalk is the winner of SFV Kumite in Tennessee 2021 — he lost no games in the Top 8 part.

One fighting game did not get its official tournament but still was present at Kumite in Tennessee 2021. Melty Blood: Type Lumina had a side event here, and Duston won it.

There were a lot of fights! And the hot season of fighting esports continues, with some biggest events coming soon. For example, on November 13-14, you can witness another multi-game Kumite — it’s Red Bull Kumite in Las Vegas this time.

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This material was created with the support of our Patrons. You can support us!

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