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Kingdom Heart's Sora joins the Super Smash Bros Ultimate Ensemble

Sebastian Quintanilla
2 min

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Kingdom Heart's Sora joins the Super Smash Bros Ultimate Ensemble
Sora, from the Kingdom Heart's series will join the Smash roster as the final entry for Ultimate in a tear jerking final presentation from Sakurai

Who is Sora?

In what will go down as the final character reveal, not only for Super Smash Bros Ultimate but also for, series director Masahiro Sakurai showcased Sora, from the Kingdom Heart's series. For those unfamiliar, Kingdom Heart's is a beloved series of somewhat convoluted story games developed by Square Enix, of Final Fantasy fame, set in a weird amalgamation of Disney and Square Enix properties. Sora is, more or less, the central protagonist of the franchise, though not always the playable character.

As noted by Sakurai, early in Ultimate's release, a poll was made to ask fans which character they wanted in the game. Sora was among the top of the rankings. As it would happen, Sakurai and Square Enix would work on Sora since, which means that this final character has been, more or less, in development since 2018.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate – The Last Key

How Does Sora Play?

Of course, things will be far more evident once the character gets in the hands of pro players to discover all his utility. But, from Sakurai's presentation is clear that Sora will be a tough to KO character thanks to his multitude of recoveries. Sora's domain will generally be the air game, with multiple attacks that track or launch him into the air. We also know he is lighter than Isabelle. Sora has three unique attacks, called Magic, that rotate from Firaga, Thundara, and Blizzanga; in that order. Thanks to High-level player ESAM, we have some, albeit not final, information on the frame data of Sora's moves.

ESAM's Frame data for Sora.

Attack Description Frames
Neutral Ground Attacks
Neutral Attack Quick 3-hit combo 6
Forward Tilt Low trusting attack 13
Up Tilt Sweeping uppercut 8
Down Tilt Low Poke 9
Smash Ground Attacks
Forward Smash Forward Launch 16
Up Smash It launches opponents if they are grounded and meteors them if they are airborne 16
Down Smash Shockwave that knocks opponents away 24
Dash Attack Dashes forward and hits with his Keyblade 7
Neutral Air Attacks
Neutral Air Similar to his ground neutral 9
Forward Air Swings his Keyblade forward 10
Back Air Power full swing to hit behind him 13
Up Air Aerial sweep that will give Sora more air time 10
Down Air Sends Sora downwards quickly while swinging his blade, he can influence his movement while doing so 13-15
Grabs & Specials
Grab Grabs opponent, up, down, forward, and backward throws can be performed after 7
Dash Grab Similar to Grab 10
Firaga (B) Sends a horizontal fireball, can be tapped multiple times to send off multiple fireballs 16-19
Thundara (B) Sends a rising column of lighting that can hit multiple times ???
Blizzanga (B) Sends a horizontal Freezing cone, if tapped will increase the size but won't freeze opponents 15
Side B Sonic Blade, allows Sora to travel in the direction of the stick up to three times, dealing damage each time. It will also auto target enemies 20
Down B Counter Attack, allows sora to counter any attack, projectiles will pass through him 7
Up B Aerial Sweep, which sends sora upwards while spinning, dealing damage, can be immediately converted to Side B at its peak. 10

When Does Sora Release?

On October 18th, as part of the challenger pack 11, Meaning owners of the Fighter Pass Vol. 2 will receive it as part of their purchase. Besides that, players can purchase Sora individually for $5.99.

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