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Jon ''jonnitti'' Nitti is a Texas based American fighting games player from Wyckoff, New Jersey.

As a Soulcalibur VI player with Zasalamel as main jonnitti competed and finished 3rd in Combo Breaker 2021 - LKO Pop Up Tournaments and Online Challenge NA West - SoulCalibur VI and Kumite in Tennessee 2019, 5th in Texas Showdown 2022 and Kumite in Texas 2019, 9th in FINAL ROUND 2019 and East Coast Throwdown 2018, 17th in DreamHack Dallas 2019 and COMBO BREAKER 2019 and DreamHack Atlanta 2018 and SoCal Regionals 2018. Also jonnitti took part in such weekly and monthly tournaments as The Mighty Mooks, WNF2022 Online Edition, Rocky Mountain, NYCalibur Cloud Parsec Edition - NLBC, DEUS Ex Caelo II - Soulcalibur VI Cloud Parsec Tournament, Low Kick Online 2021, Slippy Spring Showdown - SC6 Slip-Out Tournament, Rowdy Rumble SCVIColorado Online Monthly, Bud Light Beer League SOULCALIBUR West.

You can follow jonnitti on Twiter and Twitch.