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Madhouse Rumble: a Soulcalibur VI Series (Week 6)

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Madhouse Rumble: a Soulcalibur VI Series (Week 6)
Pic Source: Cambosa on Twitter
Setsuka to destroy opponents. 2B to seal the deal

SC6 has a traditionally good presence at the scene of community esports events. Perhaps, it’s possible thanks to many dedicated fans — and sure, the fights are just awesome!

We’ve already posted a short recap of Soulcalibur VI tournaments at two first WNF 2023 events. This series continues, so we all can enjoy the matches weekly.

This time, we would like to highlight another regular series, Madhouse Rumble. It happens every Monday at 7 PM ET, and US East and Midwest players can join.

Let’s take a look at the most recent event — Madhouse Rumble: Week 6. In this post on DashFight, you’ll find the recap, results, and the list of SC6 characters used by the Top 8 players.

Madhouse Rumble: Week 6 | Top 8

Superflydrew played Setsuka almost the whole tournament. In the Winners Final, the player pretty confidently defeated RuberBeefMan’s Hilde — but they met again pretty soon.

In the Winners Final, Superflydrew faced Incendiate. The match was very close, and only in the very last game, Superflydrew won and proceeded to the Grand Final.

RuberBeefMan had the same difficult match vs Incendiate in the Losers Final but also won.

Madhouse Rumble: Week 6 | Grand Final

After getting a spot in the Grand Final, RuberBeefMan managed to dominate in the first match and reset the bracket.

To oppose Hilde, Superflydrew switched the character and took 2B. That was a good decision indeed.

Superflydrew is the Champion of Madhouse Rumble: Week 6. Congratulations!

SC6 Characters at Madhouse Rumble: Week 6

7. No Woe

7. Yami

5. jonnitti

5. AbsoluteForce

4. Feremuntrus

3. Incendiate

2. RuberBeefMan

1. Superflydrew

Soulcalibur VI is present at big offline events as well. For example, the game has its side tournament at the soon-coming Frosty Faustings XV.

Popularity of the SC series helps it collaborate with other famous fighting titles — such as The King of Fighters Allstar.

This material was created with the support of our Patrons. You can support us!

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