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SoulCalibur 6

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SoulCalibur 6
SoulCalibur 6


A fearsome monster hunter trained in the school of the Wolf combat style, he is a fierce higher against monsters and humans alike.Know more

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Character abilities

  • Attack: 5

  • Range: 5

  • Difficulty: 1

  • Defense: 5

  • Mobility: 5




Taken or found as a child, careers for Witchers can span well over a century of work keeping monsters at bay. Geralt is one such Witcher. Alumni of the school of the Wolf in Kaer Morhen, he has for many years taken on contracts throughout the known world to hunt down beasts that would otherwise ravage the settlements of other sentient beings.

He visited a sorceress to confirm rumors of her summoning demons to their plain on one occasion. If true, he would have to stop it. However, once he confronted the sorceress, she created a portal and sent him to a new world he had not seen before. Upon landing on these strange lands, Geralt would fight off his first foe, Mitsurugi. Mitsuguri quickly realized this person was not of their world and broke off the fight allowing Geralt to run and seek a way to return to his land.

Throughout this world, he was challenged and asked to train many of its inhabitants. But Geralt was very adamant in returning to his world. Eventually, he would come across an old man, the Edge Master, who taught Geralt how to use the power of the Soul Calibur and how said power would be enough to open a gate back to his realm. Geralt could return safely to his home with this insight, though he still needed to stop that sorceress.


A stoic figure, like all Witchers, the mutations they go through stripping them of most emotional responses, though not all. Geralt is capable of love, fear, pain, and much more. His relationships with his adoptive Daughter Ciri and his various love interests. For all the love and empathy Geralt gives to those closest to him, there is no denying he can also be a brutal cynic and pragmatics. He often sees some of Humanities' worst and Monster's best sides, blurring the like of who is deemed a monster in his eyes.


Geralt is a fundamental focus character due to his lack of meterless moves. Nevertheless, the fast speed of his attacks also lends itself to reasonable poke tolls and damage dealing followups. His relatively simple fighting style means that Geralt is a great character for beginners, as once all the basics have been set into a player's mind, most of Geralt's power will come from understanding and responding to your opponent.


White hair and piercing yellowed eyes. The multitude of mutations Witchers have to endure during their teens often leave them looking a place almost ghoulish white. The concoctions they produce to fight against entities often over their size leave them visually sick. Their clothing and equipment are made for a singular purpose: flexible, durable, and resistant to most known weapons. Geralt follows the School of the Wolf, meaning his garments are for an elegant and precise fighting style while also adapting to his surroundings.

Key Information

Age: Unknown

Birthday: Unknown

Birthplace: Unknown

Height: Unknown

Weight: Unknown

Blood Type: Unknown

Weapon: Steel & Silver Swords

Fighting Style: School of the Wolf

Debut: SoulCalibur VI, October 19, 2018

Availability: Base Game

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