Incendiate Shares SC6 Tournament Tier List

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Incendiate Shares SC6 Tournament Tier List
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The characters to win esports events with

Playing a fighting game casually might feel pretty different from participating in competitive tournaments. Sure, the tension becomes significantly more tangible, so you need to get prepared mentally and emotionally. And also, you might want to select different characters for your esports training and performance.

Probably, Incendiate knows that well. Not only did he participate in many Soulcalibur events, but also, the player won some of them and gained quite a reputation in the community.

So, which characters Incendiate recommends taking for competitive matches? Here is his fresh SC6 tier list — with the esports focus.

Soulcalibur VI Characters that “Won” Esports Tournaments in 2022

For a little retrospective, let’s take a look at some Soulcalibur VI tournaments and check out who won them.

  • Okizeme Countdown! — the Grand Final was 2B (Navigat0r) vs Zasalamel (Radkon). It was a close match; Navigat0r reset the bracket. 2:3, but then Radkon won 3:1.
  • Defend the North 2022 — the winner is Father Ramon, and he played Sophitia throughout the event. MFcoffee was #2 with Maxi.
  • Juicy Monthly, October — it’s a series of regular tournaments, and in October, Bozo won with Mitsurugi. Blizm_Elite was 2nd with Azwel.
  • REV Major 2022 — 0re0z won the tournament playing Nightmare. The main opponent was Heneral Shang with Haohmaru and Talim.
  • East Coast Throwdown 2022 — the winner is Incendiate, and he played Geralt, Xianghua, and Ivy. NovaMage was second, playing 2B.
  • Clash Of The Olympians — Fawkes won with Cervantes. The second player, Aby, used Xianghua and Seong Mi-Na.
  • VSFighting X — two players in the Grand Final were Ssylus-SC and Jason, with Raphael and Seong Mi-Na. Ssylus-SC won while playing Raphael.
  • Evo 2022 — Incendiate is the Champion with Ivy and Xianghua. MasterCJ is 2nd with Amy.

What do you think about Incendiate’s tier list? It would be interesting to read your opinion in replies to his tweet.

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