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Incendiate is Soulcalibur VI Evo 2022 Champion

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Incendiate is Soulcalibur VI Evo 2022 Champion
Dominance of the Snake Sword

Every big Soulcalibur event is quite a celebration for the community. Yep, it’s a bit sad not to see SC6 among the official games of Evo 2022. But then, we at DashFight are super excited to see such an awesome game getting its moment to shine at a Community Tournament.

The finals of SC6 happened on Day 1 of Evo 2022. Let’s witness the matches!

Soulcalibur VI at Evo 2022 | Brackets up to Top 4

Soulcalibur VI at Evo 2022 | Top 4

Winners Final

MasterCJ and Incendiate played in the Winners Final — and that was such a back-and-forth fight! MasterCJ had a few dominant rounds with his Amy, but then Incendiate found the successful pace. The players exchanged rounds and games, and the match result was determined only at the very end — Incendiate and his Xianghua fell into the Losers.

Losers Semi-Final

In the Losers Semi-Final, Xephukai played against Toothpaste. And again, the players need the very last round to decide the winner. Initially in the match, Xianghua of Xephukai was pretty dominant, but then Toothpaste had some very good moments with his Hwang. Even after losing lots of health in the decisive round, Xephukai landed a few effective attacks and proceeded to the Losers Final.

Losers Final

Incendiate decided to play Ivy in the fight against Xephukai  — probably to avoid a Xianghua mirror match. That decision was so good that after the first game, Xephukai switched to Sophitia. It looked like Xephukai successfully adapted to the opponent, but then a few cool grabs from Ivy guaranteed another game for Incendiate. That grappling success continued in the last game. Incendiate got a chance to play vs MasterCJ again — in the Grand Final this time.

Grand Final

Incendiate did not return to Xianghua, so the match against MasterCJ was Ivy vs Amy. That wasn’t easy at all as every round was super close, sometimes to just pixels on the health bar. And still, with great zoning and good punishes, Incendiate reset the bracket.

No character changes were made for the Grand Final Reset. There were a lot of wonderful, very close rounds. Believe me — if you like Soulcalibur or even fighting games in general, you don’t want to miss this fight. Watch it on video! Despite all the efforts of MasterCJ, he could not stop the pressure. Incendiate is a Soulcalibur VI Evo 2022 Champion. Congratulations!

Top 4 Players and Their Characters

  • Toothpaste
  • Xephukai
  • MasterCJ
  • Incendiate

Incendiate is a prominent member of the Soulcalibur community. Recently, he participated in CEO 2022, but with smaller success — he was stopped in the Loser Final.

Meanwhile, Evo 2022 has lots of other gamesdo you follow them? Killer Instinct was among Community Tournaments. Skullgirls also already has its Champion — can you guess who?

This material was created with the support of our Patrons. You can support us!

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