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Soulcalibur VI at CEO 2022: Triumph of Brute Power

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Soulcalibur VI at CEO 2022: Triumph of Brute Power
Another tournament to remind the fighting games community about the excellent experience of playing this series.

Soulcalibur is truly a legendary fighting game franchise! Its latest installment is in the most polished state right now. Therefore, SC6 esports tournaments are such an exceptional show!

On the one hand, many well-known players have mastered their characters at this point, so they demonstrate an incredible level of proficiency. On the other hand, even with no recent patches and updates, Soulcalibur VI still attracts new talented guys who absolutely can shake the scene.

Not only did CEO 2022 once again prove the quality and competitive level of this game, but also it highlighted relatively fresh names. 

Let’s highlight the Top 8 part of this Soulcalibur VI tournament.

Soulcalibur VI at CEO 2022 | Top 8

All the matches here were full of such an esports drive that I personally am so full of determination to grab the controller and enjoy a match or two (or five).

In the first Winner Semi-Final, Incendiate exchanged the games with Party Wolf — both players looked very strong. Then, Incendiate changed the stage for the third game, and that probably helped him to get Ring Out in one of the rounds and maybe even win the match.

CLOB was pretty dominant in his Winners Semi-Final. The guy had a perfect round at the start of the second game. Unlucky tried to recover but couldn’t and lost the match.

Bread Master is a young player, but he looked very good at his run in the Losers brackets. He left no chances for dimeFLSC in the first match. Then he played against Unlucky. Bread Master managed to score two Ring Outs in the first game and then defeated the opponent with excellent style in game two.

Feremuntrus is a phenomenon of the event. CEO 2022 is only his second offline tournament, and the guy defeated pretty big opponents. He almost lost the first game against OmegaXcn, but then adapted to Taki and literally destroyed her. His next match was against Party Wolf, and the scenario here was almost the same — after a rather slow start, Feremuntrus defeated his super experienced opponent as if it was nothing.

The Losers Semi-Final was even more successful for Feremuntrus, as he didn’t need that starting adaptation period. Bread Master could do almost nothing. Except for one cool Ring Out round, he was mainly a victim in this match.

In the Winners Final, CLOB utilizes the awfully high damage of Astaroth at a mind-blowing level. Incendiate had a few very good rounds thanks to cool Geralt’s techniques, but still, he lost the match — with no victorious rounds in the last game and a bitter (but still spectacular) Ring Out at the very last moment. CLOD proceeded to the Grand Final on the Winners Side.

Incendiate could still make it through the Losers Side, but Feremuntrus has his own plans. In general, his Zasalamel was fully dominant over Kilik. Incendiate managed to win one game, though, but Feremuntrus returned to his destructive style, and celebrated a 3:1 victory.

CLOB used the brute power of Astaroth super effectively in the Grand Final. Even if Feremuntrus landed some good hits, just a few touches from CLOB eliminated the health bar of the opponent. In game 3, it looked like Feremuntrus still had a chance in this match. But then CLOB sealed his victory with a great performance in the last game and even a Perfect last round.

CLOB is a Soulcalibur VI Champion of CEO 2022. Congratulations!

Soulcalibur VI Characters at CEO 2022

The game’s meta is pretty much settled at this point, so we can clearly see what characters have high competitive power.

Each player in the Top 8 part of this Soulcalibur VI tournament used a different fighter.

OmegaXcn — Taki

dimeFLSC — Voldo

Unlucky — Siegfried

Party Wolf — Cassandra

Bread Master — Kilik

Incendiate — Geralt

Feremuntrus — Zasalamel

CLOB — Astaroth

It’s amazing to see the difference between the Top 8 players at CEO and at the previous big event, Combo Breaker 2022. Only Incendiate and OmegaXcn are in both lists. The Soulcalibur pro scene is amazing!

The game will surely have major tournaments in the future. I can’t wait to see SC6 matches at Evo 2022. And also, the community regularly organizes smaller gatherings, such as this Soulcalibur VI event in London.

This material was created with the support of our Patrons. You can support us!

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