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SOULCALIBUR VI Results – Combo Breaker 2022

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SOULCALIBUR VI Results – Combo Breaker 2022
Regardless of winning or losing, their souls still burn!

What more can enjoyers of SoulCalibur VI ask for, having been limited to primarily online competitions for about two years? That's right; Combo Breaker 2022 brings back the nostalgia of competing in a supercharged atmosphere similar to the vibes you get watching a football match in a packed stadium, and yes, we missed it all, the fun, the pressure, the rivalries, the respect, the upsets, the physical interactions, and lasting impressions, all condensed into a single weekend.

SoulCalibur VI is a chapter of the Combo Breaker 2022 story, a story with its roots in the FGC where there are no protagonists or antagonists, and a fun story. These are the highlights of the SoulCalibur VI Top 8 chapter of Combo Breaker 2022.

SCVI at Combo Breaker 2022: Overview 

The tournament mainly consisted of North American entrants and a negligible number of Internationals, who battled it out in the Pool stages, Top 16, and Top 8 brackets. Notable entrants like Boom, Incendiate, Jeo, OmegaXcn, Novamage, Toothpaste, RipCityOutlaw, and Ganondeurf made it to the top 8. In contrast, others like Forsaken Yamoto, Infectious, N3cromaster, Feremuntrus, and Jimmypikachoi fell along the way. The event's atmosphere was suspense-filled and seat riveting, most especially the Top 8.

SCVI at Combo Breaker 2022: Top 8

The stage was highly contested and mostly packed with heavy hitters from the North American East Coast and featured a player from France and another from the Dominican Republic.

Notable Moments

Although finishing in 2nd place, the underdog of the event was Incendiate, who rampaged through the losers bracket to the grand finals, shaking every match he played up to the Grand Final reset, showcasing that he is indeed one of the best SoulCalibur VI players in North America.

Top Contenders

Top 8 Stage

The Top 8 started with Boom sending Ganonduerf, the only EU player in the Bracket, to the Losers Bracket in a two straight win set. Similarly, Jeo won OmegaXcn in a 2-1 battle pitting him against Boom in the Winners final. Novamage was eliminated from the event in the Losers bracket after losing to Toothpaste in a 1-2 battle, while Incediate had a tightly contested match against RipCityOutlaw, ending with a 2-1 win and eliminating RipCityOutlaw from the event. 

The Winners Final had Boom defeat Jeo in a three straight win set, sending Jeo to the Losers Final where he faced the rampaging Incendiate and lost 0-3, making third place in the event.

Grand Finals

After dominating the Winners Bracket in the whole of the Top 8, Boom suddenly finds himself in a pickle after being defeated soundly by the rampaging Incendiate in three straight matches due to this resetting Bracket. The subsequent battles were a match of wits and skill as both players slugged it out to match point, where Boom was able to outmaneuver Incendiate in the final round to win 1st place in the SCVI event of Combo Breaker 2022.

This material was created with the support of our Patrons. You can support us!

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