D3xus Wins a Soulcalibur VI Event in London

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D3xus Wins a Soulcalibur VI Event in London
Pic Source: FightLab on Twitch
It’s a monthly series with offline gatherings.

It’s not a secret that Soulcalibur VI has a pretty shaky lifespan. Due to many reasons, the title isn’t enjoying lots of attention from the fighting games community. Those reasons are totally not the quality of the game and the general experience of playing it. And as an esports title, SC6 is a living universe — mainly thanks to the community of dedicated players.

Monthly tournaments in Meltdown Bar in London are a very good example of such community efforts. The most recent event here happened on May 22. It’s a great chance to enjoy the matches on video and remind ourselves how awesome the game is.

Soulcalibur VI esports at Meltdown, London | May 2022

D3xus played super confidently throughout the whole tournament. He won the Winners Semi-Final and Final against Danurai and Blade_of_Tame — 3:0 for both matches.

The Grand Final was against Blade_of_Tame. While the first two games were pretty close, D3xus proved his true power in the last one and almost destroyed the opponent. It’s another 3:0 for him. Congratulations!

Do you feel motivated to jump into the game and have a couple of fun matches? Our Soulcalibur VI guide for beginners might help you remember some basics.

SC6 is highlighted at big fighting esports events as well. For example, it has a tournament at Combo Breaker 2022, so don’t miss the streams.