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Hwang, nicknamed Secret Royal Blademaster, is a man of few words, a strong-willed zealous patriot with a strong sense of justice.Know more

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Character abilities

  • Attack: 8

  • Range: 6

  • Difficulty: 5

  • Defense: 5

  • Mobility: 5


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Hwang Seong-Gyeong, an orphan, raised alongside Seong Mi-na, daughter of the legendary swordsman Seong Han-Myeong, known as a god of war, grew to be one of Korea's most powerful and selfless individuals.

Fears of an invasion arose across Korea when news broke that Japan, a neighbouring country across the sea, was becoming unified. Young people, including Hwang, volunteered to serve in the military under Lee Seung-Shin, the Navy's general and gathered to guard the coast.

Rumours about a "Sword of Salvation" known as Soul Edge began to circulate at the time. The country was full of hope, so the King tasked the promising young man to find the Sword of Salvation and confirm the stories. Hwang went out to complete his goal and return Mi-na home after she sneakily left home searching for the Sword of Salvation.

After discovering that Soul Edge was not a "sword of salvation," but rather a " sword of destruction " that would bring tragedy to their country, Hwang returned home with Mi-na, concerned. A group, "Society of Salvation," gained political clout among western Koreans, raising tensions between Westerners and Easterners into a civil war.

Hwang discovered from Mi-na the Society of Salvation's leader was Won Gabok. The Society had an oracle and "jewels" linked to Soul Edge to aid followers in their search for it. After meeting a mysterious white-haired girl named Acht, who urged him to do so, Hwang decided to sneak into one of the Society of Salvation's gatherings.

Hwang, in disguise, snuck into the meeting of the Society of Salvation and learned that Acht was the Society's proclaimed oracle, and the supposed jewels were fragments of Soul Edge. When Hwang was exposed, he killed the cult's Malfested members and confronted Won Gabok, but he was overcome by the mighty Malfested and infected with Soul Edge's power. When Gabok sadistically suggested sending him to slay the residents of the Seong Dojang, notably Mi-na, Hwang, having been transformed into a Malfested, impaled himself on his sword.

Hwang awoke three months later at the Motien Pass in Manchuria, still alive but gravely injured, in the care of Won Soo-Hyun, a powerful Taoist monk. The latter had served for the Korean government as a Secret Royal Inspector; she informed Hwang that the Society of Salvation's Soul Edge fragments were brought back from his first voyage. She recruited him to travel the world hunting fragments of Soul Edge in her stead and taught him how to use Taoist magic, warning him that overuse would surely kill him. Soo-Hyun pledged to utilize the heavenly Mirror of Evil's Bane to cure his Malfestation in exchange for his service. After months of rigorous training, Hwang left the Motien Pass with a mystical sword and powerful talismans.


Hwang, a man of few words, is a strong-willed zealous patriot with a strong sense of justice, which is evident when Korea faced increasing incursions from Japanese raiders; Hwang was the first to volunteer as the government formed the coast guard, nomination as the Secret Royal Inspector was tasked with dismantling the Society of Salvation, their allies, pawns and other threats to Korea's stability.

Hwang headed out to investigate after receiving word that the Malfested were congregating at Ostrheinsburg Castle, braving the risk of succumbing to his curse and joining their ranks.


Hwang learned the Longsword and Six Heavenly Arts technique under the rare swordsman Seong Han-myeong, the god of war, and improved his sword skills. After many battles, the technique had become unique, and at the recommendation of his teacher, he called it the Yellow Guandao technique.

Hwang is a mid to close-range fighter with effective horizontals and powerful kick attacks. His fighting style is typically made of quick kicking combos mixed in with solid and fast sword strike techniques, which let him play like an all-around fighter. In addition, he has a new Talisman mechanic that grants him new superpowers in exchange for draining his new lifeforce resources. His flashy new talisman mechanic needs situational awareness, but he can turn the tide on decisive blows, making him pretty unique when played wisely.

He utilizes the mystical black sword Dark Thunder, which was saturated in the essence of the celestial bodies for 3,000 days atop the Matenryu, where the spirits of heaven and earth come and go. It was given to Hwang by Wong Soo-Hyun, a Taoist who mastered the Tenkou Rokuke. Its psychic power helps to stabilize and enhance Hwang's psychic arts.


Hwang retains his looks from previous games but wears a mask and feathered helmet as a disguise, to keep the word of his survival a secret. He sometimes manifests glowing eye pupils showing evidence of malfestation.

Key Information:

Age: Unknown

Birthday: August 8th

Birthplace: Jirisan, Joseon Dynasty Korea

Height: 176cm

Weight: 79kg

Blood Type: AB

Weapon: Podao - Dark Thunder

Fighting Style: Hwang Style Longsword & Six Heavenly Arts

Debut: June 1996, Soul Edge (Ver. II) 

Availability: DLC Character (Season 2)