• Caleb Campbell
  • USA

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Caleb ''MasterCJ'' Campbell is a SOULCALIBUR VI player from Franklin, Ohio, United States with Amy and Azwel as mains.

MasterCJ competed and finished 7th in Northeast Championship 2021, 17th in WSOE Online II: Tekken 7 & Soulcalibur VI and The End of Days IX PC Tournament - 1 Year Anniversary. Also MasterCJ took part in such weekly and monthky tournaments as NYCalibur Cloud Parsec Edition - NLBC, DEUS Ex Caelo: Soulcalibur VI Cloud Parsec Tournament, Boominati BattlesThe Mighty Mooks Weekly, NYCalibur Next Level Battle Circuit: Online EditionLow Kick Online.

You can follow MasterCJ on Twitter and Twitch.