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Fergus: Tier list

  • Fergus McGee
  • Ireland

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Playing : 8+
Birthday : Dec 6, 1993 (30)
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Fergus's Tekken 7 Tier List

Last updated :13 Mar, 2023

A Short Tekken 7 Tier List from Fergus "Fergus" McGee

About Fergus

This Tekken 7 tier list is based on the opinions of the Irish player Fergus "Fergus" McGee. He's a streamer and competitor for UYU. Known for playing "waifu" characters, his main is Asuka Kazama. In 2021, his prowess was demonstrated at WUFL S1, where he made it into the playoffs and eventually placed 5th-6th.


  • June 30th, 2021: Initial creation.