Tekken 7 Roster: Full character list

Ilya Kravtsov
Oct 13 202029 min
Combos, hits and bio of actual Tekken 7 characters

This game universe has now 50 Tekken 7 playable characters. Geese Howard, Noctis Lucis Caelum, Lei Wulong, Anna Williams, Craig Marduk, Armor King, Julia Chang, Negan, Zafina, Leroy Smith, Ganryu, Fahkumram have joined Tekken's roster with new DLCs.

We decided to collect all Tekken 7 characters in one place and at the same time avoid a massive carnage.

Here they are: Akuma, Alisa Bosconovitch, Anna Williams, Armor King, Asuka Kazama, Bob Richards, Bryan Fury, Claudio Serafino, Craig Marduk, Devil Jin, Sergei Dragunov, Eddy Gordo, Eliza, Fahkumram, Feng Wei, Ganryu, Geese Howard, Gigas, Heihachi Mishima, Hwoarang, Jack-7, Jin Kazama, Josie Rizal,  Julia Chang, Katarina Alves, Kazuya Mishima / Devil Kazuya, King, Kuma, Lars Alexandersson, Lee Chaolan / Violet, Leroy Smith, Lei Wulong, Leo Kliesen, Lili De Rochefort, Lucky Chloe, Marshall Law, Master Raven, Miguel Caballero Rojo, Negan, Nina Williams, Noctis Lucis Caelum,  Panda, Paul Phoenix, Shaheen, Steve Fox, Ling Xiaoyu, Yoshimitsu, Zafina. Pretty big Tekken 7 roster size, isn’t it? 

We're going to tell you about each of them with their Tekken 7 frames. So, the first ten:


Akuma originally not from Tekken 7 cast. He is a guest character from Street Fighter, with unique combat mechanics for the Tekken series. Originally appeared in the Street Fighter X Tekken crossover, and then in the Tekken 7 license plate, playing an important role in its plot.

Special hits:

1. Gohadoken (qcf+1_qcf+2) 

2. Goshoryuken (f, d, d/f+1_f, d, d/f+2) 

3. Hyakkishu (f, d, d/f+3_f, d, d/f+4) 

4. Focus Attack (1+2) 

5. Kurubushi Kick (d+3) 


She is an android, but unlike most robots, Alisa has emotions and acts more like a human created by Dr. Bosconovitch. She is a very kind person. She speaks politely and is sensitive to other people's feelings. Also she is one of the most beautiful fighter from Tekken 7 characters roster.

Special hits: 

1. Accelerator (4) 

2. Pickup (d/f+2) 

3. Deep Link (d/b+3) 

4. Gadget Found (b+1) 

5. Trance (b+2)


She was born and raised in Ireland. Anna is the younger sister of Nina Williams. She studied the martial arts of Hapkido and Aikido from her mother, the woman champion in Aikido. She is probably most ladylike from all Tekken characters.

Special hits:

1. Wine Opener (d/f+4) 

2. Rusty Hook (b+4) 

3. Assassin’s Danger (qcf+1) 

4. Caracal (CJM 1+2) 

5. Dendrobates Azureus (CJM d/b+3, 3)


Armor King wandered from one wrestling ring to another in search of a worthy opponent. However, he met his real rival in a Mexican village. Armor King and King have been bitter rivals for many years. Once during a fight, King accidentally knocked out Armor King's eye. After that, King got into the league of professional wrestlers, and Armor King took a different path.

Special hits:

1. Dark Elbow Hook (f+2, 1) 

2. Stomp (d+3) 

3. Stomping Headbutt (d/b+1+2) 

4. Comeback Kick (f, f+3) 

5. Dark Smash (CD 2) 


Asuka's father, an owner of a dojo (a place for meditation and other spiritual practices) near Osaka, taught her the traditional martial arts of the Kazama family since childhood. By nature, Asuka is very fair and devotes most of her free time to break up the fights that come across her eyes.

Special hits:

1. Sacred Blade (3~4) 

2. Demon Slayer (f+2) 

3. Dragon Wheel Kick (b+3) 

4. Heart Stopper (b+4) 

5. Matoi Hiragi (f, f+3) 


He is a highly respected fighter by fans. He could not defeat his larger rivals in any way and temporarily stopped his career. When he returned, he was unrecognizable. The only thing one could see was that he had put on weight. However, he says that he "increased body weight while maintaining the same speed qualities". Nobody believes him as for this. Bob heard about the Iron Fist Tournament and decided to take part of it to prove to people who he is.

Special hits:

1. Huile Slip (d/b+3+4, 4) 

2. Ravenous (b+1, 2) 

3. Zip Cutter (f, f+2) 

4. Langue Washer (CD 1) 

5. Cutting Coppa (CD 4, 1+2) 


He is a cyber-assassin created by Dr. Abel. Bryan Fury prefers to use brute force in combat, as well as high speed and agility against his opponent. His image was taken from the image of Rutger Hauer in the movie "Blade Runner". He is one of the most powerful Tekken 7 fighters from all Tekken 7 character list. 

Special hits:

1. Middle Side Kick (3+4) 

2. Snake Edge (d/f+3) 

3. Orbital Heel (u/f+4) 

4. Mach Kick (f, f+4) 

5. Hatchet Kick (qcb+3) 


Claudio is the leader of a group of exorcists, Archers of Sirius, who have banished supernatural beings from our world since ancient times. He is sarcastic, impudent, and considers his opponents to be either amateurs or weak rivals. However, he is friendly and can even help his opponent (after defeating them, of course).

He is a new fighter from Tekken 7 characters list.

Special hits:

1. Sacred Edge (f+3) 

2. Sky Slash Nova (u/f+4) 

3. Ira (WR 2) 

4. Cross Arm Impact (STB f+1+2, 1+2) 

5. Gravity Zone (STB d+2, 2) 


The character's demonic abilities were taken from Kazuya's demonic form. Devil Jin, unlike just Jin, is a negative character. So turning into an evil alter, Jin ceases to control himself, and it often takes him much effort in order not to commit evil acts. For example, in his epilogue to Tekken 4, Jin nearly kills his father and grandfather, and only the spirit of his mother, Jun, manages to bring him back to consciousness.

Special hits:

1. Malicious Mace (d/b+2) 

2. Demon Steel Pedal (b+4) 

3. Laser Cannon (b, f+2, 1, 2) 

4. Electric Wind God Fist (cd 2) 

5. Spinning Demon (CD 4) 


As a child, he was found in Siberia at the site of a meteorite fall. Commander of the Russian special forces, who owns combat sambo. He is, probably one of the most unique character from the Tekken roster.

Special hits:

1. Razer (d+2) 

2. Blizzard Hammer (b+1+2) 

3. Slicing Sobat (u/f+4) 

4. Stinger Kick (f, f+3) 

5. Russian Assault (WR 2) – One of the best pressure tools in the game. 


He is a friend and teacher of Christy Monteiro. Eddy first appeared in Tekken 3. He is calm and serious most of the time. This character has his own goal, from which he does not deviate. His superiors ordered him to enter the Tournament to find the culprit his father was looking for.

Special hits:

1. Slippery Kick (3~4) 

2. Twister (SS 4) 

3. Batucada (HSP 3+4) 

4. Negativa to Meia-lua Combo (RLX 1, 3) 

5. S-Dobrado (RLX 3~4) 



Eliza is a powerful and immortal vampire who has existed for over 1000 years and speaks English. One day she decided to take a nap and slept for 600 years. She first appeared in Tekken Revolution; thanks to a player survey to create and add a new character, she was chosen from 10 candidates.

Special hits:

1. Dark Wave (qcf+1_qcf+2) 

2. Arc Kick (4) 

3. Shadow Ring (3+4) 

4. Broken Dream (f+1+2) 

5. Sweeping Scarlet (d+3) 


Fahkumram is a brutal Muay Thai fighter who is largely stoic and does not seem to enjoy talking much. In spite of his intimidating appearance, he appears to possess a seemingly humble demeanor, with one of his intros asking his opponent what they are fighting for.

At the age of 24, however, his life was to take a dramatic turn for the worse. Approached by a group of unknown men and offered a massive sum to throw his next bout, he was subsequently threatened with physical harm if he failed to comply. With no intention of succumbing to such corruption, Fahkumram knocked out his opponent with a single blow shortly after the gong. Incensed, the match-fixing gang attacked Fahkumram and tried to murder him, but Fahkumram proved too strong and managed to kill several of his would-be assassins.

Arrested on the spot once the police arrived, Fahkumram tried to assert self-defense, but as corrupt policemen and soldiers made up part of the group which had approached him, he was arrested and held by the military in a secure location. His wife and daughter were subsequently taken hostage, after which Fahkumram was given no choice but to act in accordance with the instructions of his captors, participating in secret underground martial arts competitions and show-fights against tigers and other wild animals.

Feng has a lust for power and fighting, which can be seen as both a strength and weakness, as while he was skilled enough to be the best in his class, his greatest flaw is his addiction and impulsive urge.


Ganryu was a talented rikishi whose strength and talent in the ring allowed him to become the youngest fighter ever to reach the rank of ōzeki. While having the talent to easily reach the rank of yokozuna, it was Ganryu's lifestyle outside of the ring that was to be his downfall, as his arrogant attitude and illicit gambling habit led to him being dishonorably discharged from the sport. Still determined to prove himself to be the strongest fighter in the world, Ganryu entered a new tournament to prove his strength - the King of Iron Fist Tournament. While unsuccessful in winning the tournament, losing to Yoshimitsu and having his ill-gotten gains seized by the ninja, his talent was recognized by one Kazuya Mishima.


He is the chief antagonist of the Fatal Fury series and a secondary villain in the Art of Fighting series. His role varies in The King of Fighters storyline, but he is always either in the position of a villain or an anti-hero. He appeared in Tekken 7 - DLC, via Season Pass 1.

Special hits:

1. Reppuu Ken (qcf+1) 

2. Hien Shikkyaku (f+1+2) 

3. Kusanabiki-Geri (d+4) 

4. Inazumageri to Tenyaburi (b+3, 2) 

5. Urasigure-Geri (SS 3) 


He is the adoptive father of Katarina Alvis, who took her from the orphanage. Gigas taught his adopted daughter the art of fighting savate. One day he disappeared. It was later revealed that Gigas was captured by Corporation G, and as a result of experiments, he turned into a mutant monster.

Gigas was sent to the Iron Fist Tournament as a biological weapon. His first fight took place on the roof of the tower. And the opponent of Gigas was Katarina. At first, he did not recognize her, and the battle began. Gigas won, and later recognized his daughter in his rival, which awakened his human part of the mind.

Special hits:

1. Iron Breaker (1, 2) 

2. Hazardous Hook (d/f+1) 

3. Sledgehammer (d+2) 

4. End Mill (d/b+2) 

5. Flying Gauntlet (SS 2) 


He is Kazuya's father and Jin's grandfather. Heihachi is the antagonist in the first and fourth installments of the game, and one of the main characters throughout the rest of the series. He is one of the four very first Tekken characters to appear in all parts. Along with Yoshimitsu, he is also one of the two characters who participated in the Soul Calibur series of games. Heihachi Mishima is the owner of the «Mishima» family company.

Special hits:

1. Right Splits Kick (f+4) 

2. Eishomon (d/b+2) 

3. Hell Axle (u/f+3, 4) 

4. Demon Uppercut (f, f+2) 

5. Electric Wind God Fist (cd 2) 


He was a street hooligan who practiced Taekwondo. One day he met Jin Kazama and got into a fight with him. The result is a draw. Hwarang then decided to go to his teacher Baek Doo Sang to make him stronger to defeat Jin. But at that time Beck was crippled by Ogre. He enters the Iron Fist Tournament to have final revenge upon Jin Kazama and Ogre.

Special hits:

1. Smash Low Right to Right Flamingo (d+3, 4) 

2. Sweep Kick (d/b+3) 

3. Left Plasma Blade (b+3) 

4. Peacekeeper (f, f+4) 

5. Backlash (RFF 3~4) 


He is one of a series of robots, the first three models of which were developed in Russia, the rest - in Corporation G. There are only seven models: Jack, Jack-2, Gun-Jack (also known as Jack-3), Jack-4, Jack- 5, Jack-6, and Jack-7.

Special hits:

1. Pinpoint Assault (f+2) 

2. Savage Uppercut (d/f+2) 

3. Machinegun Blast (d/b+1) 

4. Debugger (b, d/b, d, d/f+1) 

5. Discharger (SS 1) 


He is the main character of the Tekken series since the third part and one of the most recognizable characters in the series. Starting at the age of 15, Jin has to go through many events that are associated with his family, and which greatly influenced his worldview, turning him from an exemplary guy into a tyrant. In some personal traits, he is similar to his father, but also he is just like his mother.

Special hits:

1. Front Thrust Kick (f+4) 

2. Right Low Roundhouse (d/b+4) 

3. Left Axe Kick (f, f+3) 

4. Electric Wind Hook Fist (cd 2) 

5. L.L.R.K. (CD 4) 


She tried her best to support her family, working two jobs - a model and a professional kickboxer. One day while Josie was out for a run, she encountered an incredible hairy monster. She had to fight him, as she realized that there was no other chance of salvation.

After Josie had defeated Kuma, he woke up and returned her earring, which she had lost in a fight.

 Special hits:

1. Sonic Upper (d/f+2) 

2. Triaina Middle to Switch Stance (d/f+4) 

3. Butterfly Edge (u/f+3) 

4. Step In Tracer (f, f+4) 

5. Slide In Low Kick (CD 3) 


She is an adopted daughter, streamer, and protector of the forest. She was found as a baby by Michelle Chan in the ruins of Native American settlements, who took her to her tribe and adopted her. She raised the girl with love, taught her to appreciate nature and love her native lands, and also taught her fighting style.

As Julia neared her eighteenth birthday, stories started to reach the tribe of martial artists disappearing around the globe. Fearing that tribal tales of the God of Fighting were coming true and that her pendant was somehow connected, Michelle headed to Japan to find Heihachi Mishima and ask him what he knew about the pendant and why he had sought it previously. When she did not return, Julia suspected foul play from Heihachi and entered the third King of Iron Fist Tournament to rescue her mother. As the tournament reached its finale, Julia successfully rescued Michelle and learned that Heihachi had used Michelle's pendant to fully awaken Ogre, the God of Fighting in an ancient Aztec temple. Julia initially wanted revenge against Heihachi, but Michelle persuaded her to return home peacefully.



Katarina Alvis lost her parents as a child and spent several years in an orphanage before being adopted by a person she had never met. At first, Katarina disliked her adoptive father, insulted him in every possible way, but the man's kindness and patience eventually softened her.

Special hits:

1. Nimble Cutter (4, 4, 4) 

2. Tucano Tail (d/f+3+4) 

3. Slipping Tail (d/b+4)

4. Wing Cutter (u/f+4, 4) 

5. Plover Kick (f, f+4) 


As a little girl, she studied with the father of the family, Jimpachi Mishima, together with his son Heihachi, who was much older than her. However, age did not become a hindrance to the flared up feelings between Heihachi and Kazumi. As they matured they got married, and later they had a son, Kazuya.

Special hits:

1. Crimson Dawn 

2. Rolling Thunder (d/b+4) 

3. Oroshi Heel (f, f+4) 

4. Diamond Flash (WR 2) 

5. Hellfire Burst (RSS 4, 2) 


When Kazuya was 5 years old, his father Heihachi decided it was time to prepare himself a worthy replacement. After 21 years, Kazuya reappears as a mighty warrior who took part in martial arts tournaments around the world.

Special hits:

1. Oni Front Kick (f+3) 

2. Right Splits Kick (f+4) 

3. Abolishing Fist (d/f+2) 

4. Electric Wind God Fist (cd 2) 

5. Spinning Demon to Left Hook (CD 4, 1) 


King is the first to wear the jaguar mask and is also a famous Lucha Libre (Mexican wrestling) fighter from Mexico. He is a warrior of a tribe of wrestlers wearing jaguar masks. He participated in the first and second tournaments. He is also Armor King's friend, despite having hurt his eye.

Special hits:

1. Elbow Impact 

2. Stomp (d+3) 

3. Quick Hook (b+1) 

4. Jaguar Hook (f, f+1) 

5. Leg Breaker (FC d/f+1) 


Kuma is Heihachi Mishima's pet and bodyguard. Due to the long time interval between 2nd and 3rd Tekken, there were 2 characters with this name (one descendant of the other).

Special hits:

1. Jab Elbow Smash (2, 1, 2) / Jab Elbow Stomp (2, 1, 3) 

2. G-Clef Cannon (f+1, 1, 1) 

3. Kuma Musou (d/f+2, 1) 

4. Bear Lariat (d/b+2) 

5. Spinning Kuma (d/b+4) 



Panda is Lin Xiaoyu's loyal pet, best friend, and bodyguard. She has the same fighting style as Kuma, Heihachi Mishima’s grizzly bear. Kuma is in love with her, but she has no sympathy for him.

Special hits:

1. Jab Elbow Stomp (2, 1, 3) 

2. G-Clef Cannon (f+1, 1, 1) 

3. Kuma Musou (d/f+2, 1) 

4. Bear Lariat (d/b+2) 

5. Spinning Kuma (d/b+4) 


He is a young, charismatic officer from Tekken Force with outstanding strength and intelligence. Despite his high position, he always found himself in the thick of battles. His prowess and good nature made him popular.

Special hits:

1. Alert L (d/f+1) 

2. Shadow Cutter (d/b+4) 

3. Lightning Screw (u/f+3) 

4. Storm Axle (u/f+4) 

5. Double Smack (FC d/f+1+2)


Lee's parents died when he was 12 years old. Therefore, he had to quickly develop skills in survival and martial arts. Soon, Heihachi noticed it in him and adopted him. 

Special hits:

1. Right Roundhouse Kick (4) 

2. Pirouette Punch (1+2) 

3. Left Body Blow (d/f+1) 

4. Bump Kick (d/b+3)

5. Blazing Kick (d, D/B+4) 


Nearly a half-century ago, a young boy named Leroy Smith lost his entire family to the violence in New York. Many years passed... He became an African American Wing Chun master and came back to his city. Besides, his biography has two other versions, but who knows, which is true? 


He is the #1 police officer in the Hong Kong division of Interpol. Lei's partner was killed by the international mafia. He investigated the matter and found traces leading to the suspects.

Special hits:

1. Right Uppercut (d/f+2)

2. Rave Spin (d/b+4) 

3. Razor Rush (f, n, 1) 

4. Reverse Lotus (f, f+3)

5. Snake Palm Fist (SS 1) 


Leo has a strong character thanks to the proper upbringing. His life was pleasant and rather carefree until that fateful moment when her mother Emma Klizen was killed by an unknown person. Leo got angry when the actions of the police did not lead to the desired result and began her investigation.

Special hits:

1. Chuan Pao (d/f+3) 

2. Qian Sao Lei Wang Quan (d/b+4) 

3. Cuo Zhang (b+1+4)

4. Sky Vibration (u+3+4) 

5. Tiao Shan Fu Ren (f, f+3) 


Her real name is Emilie but she is better known by the nickname Lily. She was born in Monaco and is the only daughter of a wealthy and pacifistic oil tycoon. Even though Lily looks a little selfish and arrogant, in her heart she is a gentle and very sweet young lady.

Special hits:

1. Circle Knee (f+3) 

2. Submissive Heel (d/f+3) Backflip (d/f+3+4) 

3. Matterhorn Ascension (d+3+4) 

4. Cloisonne (qcf+3+4) 


When Chloe was young, her parents took her to an exhibition where she became acquainted with Japanese culture. The girl wanted to be the best idol in the world and took the name Lucky Chloe for herself. She started wearing a cute costume and began to travel the world showing the best dance moves. Soon, fame came to her, including on the Internet. At some point, Lucky Chloe made an agreement with Corporation G.

Special hits:

1. Graceful Turn (b+3) 

2. Walking Knee (b+4) 

3. Happy Swing (b+1+2) 

4. Surprise Hop (u/f+3)

5. Kick Up (BT f+3+4, 3+4, 3+4) 


He works in a restaurant in San Francisco, but his real dream is to open his martial arts school. He is the father of Forest Law.

Special hits:

1. Pressing Kick Combo (3+4, 4) 

2. Dragon Hammer (f+1+2) 

3. Shin Crusher (d/b+3) 

4. Dragon’s Tail (d/b+4) 

5. Dragon Cannon (f, f+3_DSS f+3) 


Attached to the United Nations' secret intelligence service, she is code-named "Master Raven". She is a high ranked official with plenty of subordinates tasked in various dangerous missions.

Special hits:

1. Body Blow (d/f+1) 

2. Right Uppercut (d/f+2)

3. Low Kick (d+3)

4. Buzzsaw (qcf+2)

5. Crusader (BT 1+2)


He is a short-tempered and violent Spaniard who vowed revenge against Jin Kazama for indirectly murdering his sister, and has proven to be one of the most popular newcomers to the Tekken series.

Special hits:

1. Flanco (d/f+1) 

2. Segada (d/b+4) 

3. Guantazo (b+1) 

4. Cumbre (SAV d/f+2) 

5. Segada (SAV d/b+3) 


He was chosen as the fourth guest character for Tekken 7 partly due to Katsuhiro Harada and Michael Murray being huge fans of The Walking Dead TV show and Negan's character in it, and due to them thinking he would be a "perfect fit" for Tekken.

One day, Negan received reports that an unknown group had taken out several of his men. Per his standard policy, he enacted a plan to capture and make an example of them. The survivors fell into Negan's carefully laid trap, but, just as he was choosing his victim to serve as an example, the group put up an intense fight and escaped. Negan worried they would disturb his new world order if he did not deal with them swiftly. 


She is the eldest daughter of Richard and Mrs. Williams and was born and raised in Ireland with her younger sister Anna. A master of the martial arts of aikido, koppojutsu (bujinkan), and hapkido, she is perfect with both melee and firearms. She owes her skills to her father.

Special hits:

1. Siren’s Kiss (f+3) 

2. Right Backhand Body Blow (d/b+2) 

3. Stiletto Heel (d/b+3)

4. Hellbringer (qcf+1) 

5. Snakeshot (SS 1) 


He is the main character of Final Fantasy XV and serves as a representative of the Final Fantasy series is the third DLC character in Tekken 7.  Noctis's trailer has him being asked to complete a task by Lars. Lars mentions that he has found an ideal location, but it is already occupied by someone else.

Special hits:

1. Warp-Strike (f+2) 

2. Royal Edge (d/f+2) 

3. Delta Thrust (d/b+2) 

4. Royal Slash (d/b+1+2) 

5. Shadow Scissors (f, f+1+2) 


He is a true veteran of the Tekken series who has been featured in all games. He is a talented judo street fighter. No one can defeat him in his area, and he enters the Iron Fist Tournament to find stronger opponents.

Kuma is the only character to ever officially defeat him in a full-fledged fight (in another fight, Paul was credited for being late).

Special hits:

1. Hammer of the Gods (f+1+2) 

2. Hammer Punch (d+1) 

3. Demolition Man (d+4, 2, 1+2) 

4. Wrecking Ball (u/b+2) 

5. Phoenix Smasher (qcf+2) 


Shaheen worked for a private military organization that specialized in providing security services. While serving in the army, Shaheen earned himself a reputation as a skilled fighter in one-on-one battles. Once a friend of his, the owner of a company connected with the oil business, died under mysterious circumstances. According to the autopsy results, the cause of death was an accident, but Shaheen suspected that there was a foul play there. It turned out that the company of Shaheen's friend was bought out by Corporation G, and all the managers were fired. Shaheen began his investigation, which led him to a demonic man who rules everything in Corporation G.

Special hits:

1. Hallux Kick (4)

2. Whirlwind Kick (d/f+3)

3. Vicious Stomp (d+4) 

4. Crescent Cleaver (u/f+3) 

5. Altair (u/f+4)


Steve is a young British boxer who was adopted at a young age and whose origins long remained shrouded in mystery. Throughout the games, Steve's main objective has been to learn more information about his past, including the origin of the mysterious scar on his arm, and to have revenge upon those responsible.

Special hits:

1. Straight Hook (2, 1) 

2. Crescent Hook (d/f+2)

3. Foot Stomp Right Hook (d/b+3, 2) 

4. Quick Hook (b+1)

5. Patella Smash (FC d/f+1_PAB d+1) 


She takes care of the Panda and loves to travel. The young girl loves amusement parks. Her dream is to build the perfect amusement park in China when she grows up. Her homeland is China, but she studied in Japan.

Special hits:

1. Crescent Moon (4~3)

2. Nutcracker (d/b+4)

3. Raccoon Swing (f, f+3) 

4. California Roll (RDS f+3+4) 

5. Phoenix (d+1+2) 


He is the head of a thief group called Manji. This group became famous for stealing only from those people whose wealth was obtained illegally. The most mysterious character in the Tekken series.

Special hits:

1. Tobi Ushiwaka (3~4) 

2. Kangaroo Kick (4~3)

3. Soul Stealer (1+4)

4. Kamikaze (f+3+4) 

5. Samurai Cutter (FC D/F+1) – An unblockable low attack that launches the opponent for a combo. However, it can still be reversed by Geese Howard.


She is a girl assassin from an ancient clan, endowed with supernatural powers and a unique fighting style. Zafina was born somewhere in the Middle East.

Zafina was born somewhere in the Middle East to a group of spiritual warriors with an ancient past and, as such, she possesses great spiritual abilities of her own. Since childhood, Zafina was raised to be a protector of an imperial tomb. Several years ago, a foreign army attacked the imperial tomb she and her group were protecting and Zafina single-handedly wiped every single one of them out. Since then, the group’s guru appointed her to be its sole protector.


Before Kunimitsu joined the Manji Clan with an intention to upgrade her skills, she was a petty thief. In order to remain anonymous, she keeps her Japanese origin secret, working hard to master the art of Manji Ninjutsu and hone her stealth. At first, she observes the rules of the clan, stealing from the rich, and giving to the poor. A bit later she starts enriching at the expense of the clan's funds. But this is not to last forever: as the head of the Manji Clan Yoshimitsu learns about the thefts, Kunimitsu gets banished from the clan.

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