• Jestise Negron
  • Thunder Gaming
  • USA

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Birthday : Jul 31, 1992 (29)
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Jestise "MVD" Negron is a professional American Super Smash Bros player from Manhattan, New York currently representing Thunder Gaming.

Known for participating in the Let's Make Big Moves 2020 tournament, MVD ranked 5th place out of 650 entrants in the Super Smash Bros Ultimate singles event with a set win rate of 77.78%, had dominant wins against fellow participants Tired, ARGUE, and SAUCE, but was eliminated from the event in the Top 16 bracket after losing to Nairo and Kameme in the losers quarter-finals and winners semi-finals, respectively.

MVD is considered one of the best Snake players in the world and currently ranked 65th on the Wi-fi Warrior Rank v5, 2nd on the Oklahoma Ultimate Power Rankings, and formerly ranked 17th on the Spring 2019 PGRU

MVD usually teams up with ESAM in doubles events with the pair considered one of the best teams in the world and has earned total prize money of $31,976.62 from 114 Tournaments.