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Birthday : Jun 1, 1995 (27)
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William "Glutonny" Belaid is a French professional Super Smash Bros player currently representing esports organization Solary.

Debuting at the Super Smash Bros Brawl event Bushido Impact 8, and ranking 2nd place out of 105 entrants, Glutonny began competing in Super Smash Bros at a young age having to travel with his elder brother as they usually team up in the doubles to compete. 

Widely considered the best Super Smash Bros player in Europe and the best solo Wario player in the world, Glutonny competes using the character as main in Super Smash Bros Ultimate, Brawl, and SSB for Wii U events and is currently ranked 1st on both the French Ultimate Power Rankings and European Smash Rankings, as well as 8th on the Fall 2019 PGRU

In European Tournaments he competes in, he uses a wide range of secondaries during winners' side sets and only switches to Wario when he is sent to the losers bracket or when the Grand Finals bracket is reset.

A bounty was declared on Glutonny in August 2019 detailing that the first French, Swiss or Belgian player that eliminates him from a Tournament from then until the end of PGRU Fall 2019 would be rewarded 1500 euros, Glutonny took the reward as no one from the said nations could.

You can check out Glutonny on Twitch and Youtube.