• Toriano Warren Jr.
  • USA

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Toriano Warren Jr. "Toast" is an American student and Super Smash Bros player. He mains Young Link with Roy and Shulk as secondaries in Ultimate and mains Corrin with Lucas as secondary in Wii U. He is hailed as one of the best Young Link players worldwide.

Ranked 1st on the Ultimate Ohio Power Rankings, Toast has an overall set count of 82% and has won against top contenders including Kameme, Kola, Raito, Raffi-X, Samsora, and VoiD among others. He previously ranked 1st on the North Carolina Ultimate Power Rankings but has since been ousted from the list.

Toast often teams up with CStream for Smash Ultimate doubles events. However, he and Doorstop won 1st place in the Class Change Monk doubles challenge.

He also competed in ssbu singles and placed 1st at Savepoint: The PA State Championship, 2nd at Just Roll With It 12, 7th at 2GG: Run It Back & Frostbite 2020, 13th at Let's Make Big Moves, 17th at DreamHack Atlanta & Glitch 8, 33rd at The Big House 9, 49th at Pound Online & Super Smash Con 2019, and 65th at The Cosmic Kerfuffle.

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