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Birthday : Oct 22, 1999 (23)
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Light is a Fox main, American professional fighting games player from Connecticut known to mainly compete in Super Smash Bros Ultimate and considered one of the best Fox players and the best doubles player in the world.

Known for a swift and intrusive playstyle, Lights' skill to emerge as the victor in disadvantaged situations has led the Smash community to say he has plot armor and is, therefore, the central character in the Smash competitive scene. 

Formerly sponsored by Team MVP and Rouge, Light has participated and ranked top positions in a lot of major tournaments including:

  • 2021: CT Gamercon 4 (1st), Momentous (7th), Push The Limit XII (1st), SWT 2021 Northeast America Qualifier.
  • 2020: Frostbite 2020, GENESIS 7 (7th), Glitch 8, Overclocked Ultimate IV (2nd).
  • 2019: 2GG: Kongo Saga (4th), CEO 2019, DreamHack Atlanta 2019 (5th), EVO 2019, Mainstage (4th), Retro Rumble 2019 (1st), Super Smash Con 2019,

He is ranked No. 1 on the Connecticut Ultimate Power Rankings and 10th on the Fall 2019 PGRULight has also earned total prize money of $30,556.39 from participating in 89 tournaments and recently began to compete in Dragon Ball FighterZ.