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Get On My Level 2023: Super Smash Bros Ultimate Top 8 Recap

Sebastian Quintanilla
8 min

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Get On My Level 2023: Super Smash Bros Ultimate Top 8 Recap
An exciting canadian weekend!

Get On My Level 2023, the Canadian premier tournament of the season, featured once again its iconic Super Smash Bros Ultimate bracket full of rising players in the scene and well-established talent that travel to the heartland of Toronto to prove their skills on stage.

Losers Round 1

Tweek vs Riddles

The top 8 started with Team Liquid's Riddle, with Kazuya fighting against Luminosity's very own Tweek on the Diddy Kong. As the two players fought hard for wins, by game three with a 1-1 scoreline, riddles would swap over to Terry, which proved successful the very next game, but with Tweek adapting to it and bringing the series to a 2-2, it would be a Kazuya-diddy Kong game 5. Riddles looked in a rough stop for the first half, but an excellent meteorite hit and its follow-up allowed Riddles to continue on the bracket.

Light vs Sparg0

On the other side, Faze's Sparg0 on Cloud was poised to fight Moist Moguls' Light on Fox. Although the series would be even at 1-1, Sparg0 was able to string together a great set of combos to bring forth a second, then a third and final win to close out Losers Round 1 and move on to the next match.

Winner Semi-finals

Tilde vs Atreus

Opening the upper side of the bracket as Atreus, competing under the name of Buntaifan and formerly known as Midnight, facing off against Tilde. A Palutena versus Falco matchup. The First set went the way of Tilde, who looked quite comfortable on the matchup on the outsides of the stage. Game two followed a similar pace, with Atreus struggling at times to secure a KO on a high percentage Tilde; with that said, whenever the Falco main found himself off the stage the pressure from Palutena was palpable and just enough to tie up the seires. 

Throughout games three and four, Atreus seemed to get into a nice rhythm, but Tilde constantly broke through the zoning to pick up crucial stocks which ultimately led the series to game five, where Tilde once again, bid his time, found the opening, and with masterful control of the air was able to move forward to the Winner Finals.

Zomba vs Sonix

Free agent Sonix has a very impressive showing just before the top 8, knocking out MKLeo from the upper side of the bracket in a clean 3-0 affair. Trying to stay there is Zomba, who brought Sparg0 down himself. A quick first stock for Sonix meant he was able to control the stage, and eventually secure the first game for himself in the Pokemon Stadium. Game two would also go the way of Sonix, as the furry blue fella was more than capable of escaping Zomba's R.O.B off-stage pressure. Closing out with game three for a very calm and collected Sonix.

Losers Quarter-finals

Atreus vs Sparg0

Coming to the match, Sparg0 swapped over to the Aegis, Pyrra & Mythra, to challenge Atreus' Palutena. Falling short in game number 1, Atreus would take them both back to Town & City with no changes in the match-up. Opening game 2, Palutena picked up the first stock before the 30-second mark and if not for some excellent fortitude to pick the pace up Atreus could have been two games up. Instead, going to game three the series was tied 1-1.

In the third game of the series, Sparg0 looked a lot more confident in his gameplay, allowing him to gain the advantage coming to game four on Pokemon Stadium, where neither player was ready to leave. In the end, Sprag0 had been able to warm up to the matchup with his Aegis well enough to bring the win to his side.

Zomba vs Riddles

Coming in hot from the Street Fighter 6 bracket, Riddles picked up his favorite Tekken 7 character in Kazuya Mishima to play in this Super Smash Bros Ultimate bracket versus Zomba's R.O.B. Both laser shooting characters exchanged stocks down to the very last one, where Riddles cleaned up.

Yet, Zomba was ready to rumble and picked up the second game on the back of great stage control, a theme that would continue over to game three, with Riddles earning a first stock but then being outperformed by the R.O.B to give Zomba the lead at 2-1 and eventually the 3-1 win after a teeth clenching game four.

Winner Finals

Sonix vs Tilde

A winner finals that could only be cooked up in the halls of GOML, we saw the DR representative Sonix showing up in force versus the American Falco Tilde. A cold game one to open the series saw Sonix making the most out of Sonic's mobility to earn an advantage and then only close out the win in the final 13 seconds of the game. Although Tilde would push to the last stock in game number two, Sonix was simply playing to his strengths, allowing him to move on to the Grand Finals with a 3-0 victory under his belt.

Loser Semi-finals & Finals

Sparg0 vs Zomba

A rerun of the match that saw Sparg0 go under, Zomba won that match 3-1 and was now looking to repeat the feat. Once again, Sparg0 moved to start the set with Aegis versus Zomba's R.O.B, taking game one and two all be it with a fair few setbacks on the way. By the time game there developed into the second stocks, it was clear that Sparg0 was feeling a lot more comfortable with the lead and the rhythm of the fight, enough to secure the win 3-0. 

Tilde vs Sparg0

Looking to spice things up, Sparg0 moved back to Cloud to face off Tilde's Falco. Game one went the way of Sparg0, although a few more mistakes and Tilde might have been able to capitalize on them to the fullest. For game two, the stage selected was Town & City, looking to give Falco a few more opportunities to equal the series, yet it was Sparg0 who set the tempo to bring it 2-0 in his favor.

By game three, things looked dire for Tilde the win slowly sliding away until one faithful up smash gave Tilde hope and made the series 2-1, sadly, it was for naught, as Sparg0 build himself back and secured the victory to tackle Sonix for the Grand Finals.

Grand Finals

Sonix vs Sparg0

As presumed by many through the previous matches, Sparg0 chose to bring out the Aegis versus Sonix's Sonic. A Coinbox classic that once again delivered. Opening the set was a hard-fought game one with Sparg0 leading for the first half by one stock to win it, but Sonix did come very close to flipping that result over to his side. Immediately after in game two, Sonix's tempo was unbelievable as he went up two stocks in true Sonic fashion, eventually earning his first win for the scoreline.

Coming into game three, a change to Pokemon Stadium was made, with Sonix still showing up in force and earning the early stock advantage over Sparg0 and, in the end, finding the setup he needed to keep Aegis away from the stage. And thus in game number four, Sonix brilliantly staked out his changes and with the cheering of the crowd, clinched his title as Get On My Level 2023 Champion.

Final Top 8

  • 1st Sonix
  • 2nd Sparg0
  • 3rd Tilde
  • 4th Zomba
  • 5th Astreus (Buntaifan)
  • 5th Riddles
  • 7th Light
  • 7th Tweek

This material was created with the support of our Patrons. You can support us!

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