• Santiago Perez
  • Mexico

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Birthday : Nov 8, 2000 (21)
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Santiago "Chag" Perez is a Palutena main with Inkling secondary, Mexican Super Smash Bros. Ultimate player, known for participating in the Smash Factor 8 tournament and ranked 13th place out of 534 entrants in the SSBU singles event.

Hailed as the best Palutena and Inkling player in Mexico, Chag has competed in tournaments such as 2GG: Prime Saga, 2GG: Switchfest 2019, Abierto Guadalajara Ultimo Reto, Epic_Tournament, EVO 2019, Genesis 7, GOML North American Open: Mexico, M-Kolosseum #1, Mainstage, Mazer Gaming Gives Back, Mexican Gaming Championship, North American CUP Smash, Rev It Up: 2020 Series, Smash Fest to the Sky, SWT 2021 Mexico Qualifier, and The Host Up Invitational.

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