• Kevin Rossell
  • Dominican Republic

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Capitancito's character usage stats

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Mii Gunner
Mega Man
CharacterWin rateTotal usage
Mii Gunner50 %28
Mega Man25 %4

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Kevin "Capitancito" Rossell is a Super Smash Bros Ultimate player from the Dominican Republic known for participating in the SWT: Central America South Ultimate Online Qualifier tournament and ranked 1st place out of 229 entrants.

Capitancito is known to main Mii Gunner and Wolf in SSBU and has participated in tournaments like Game Over 2019, Blink Fighting Fest 2019, CEO Dreamland 2019, First Attack 2019, Return to Subspace: Online, Beyond the Spectrum, Collision Online 2021, and SWT: Central America Ultimate Regional Finals.

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