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Smash World Tour: Central America South Qualifier Preview & Results

Sebastian Quintanilla
7 min

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Smash World Tour: Central America South Qualifier Preview & Results
Images courtesy of Smash World Tour
Over 200 players are competing for a chance to make it to the offline regionals this year, learn who might and who will make it here!

This weekend the Smash World Tour takes an overnight flight from Oceania back to the Americas for the Central America South Qualifiers, for the second of the Americas qualifiers after Mexico a couple of weeks ago. As always, sixteen players, twelves from the Open Qualifiers and four from the Last Chance Qualifiers, will move on to the offline regionals later this year. From those regionals, only six will make it to the final stage of the tour.

When and Where to Watch the Smash World Tour Central America South Qualifiers

The action starts with the Open Qualifiers Pools on the 27th at 11:00 PDT (14:00 EDT or 18:00 GMT). The day after, on the 28th, at the same start time, will be the Top Cut and Last Chance Qualifiers for each pool, the former comprised of the top 4 players from the starting pools and the latter made up of the remaining players of each pool.

Then at 18:00 PDT (21:00 EDT or on the 29th at 01:00 GMT), The Open Qualifiers finals will kick off, and an hour after that will be the LCQ finals.

You can catch the action live at VGBootCamp's Twitch channel

Sonix and ShinyMark, clear favourites

The Dominican Sonic player Sonix is a clear favourite not just to qualify this weekend but to also do so in the later stages of the tournament. Currently 4th in the Wi-Fi Warriors ranking, he might be already looking forward to the finals and the other international opponents that he could face.

On a similar bucket is Markus "ShinyMark" Florido from Guatemala. The Pikachu player currently sits at 28th in the 6th edition of the Wi-Fi Warriors Rankings.

SWT Central America South Qualifiers Results

Open Qualifiers & Last Chance Qualifiers

The Top 6 of the open qualifier and the Top 2 of the last chance qualifiers will be joining the other eight players from the Mexico region in an offline competition later this year. So here are your representatives from Central America South:

SWT Central America South Qualifiers Highlights

One of the very top highlights of the weekend Smash was Sonix versus Wolfen. a Sonic v Banjo matchup that, although it ended in a 3-0 in favour of the blue ball, did provide some good entrainment thanks to Sonix's constant aggression. 


And Wolfen's luck was about to go from bad to worse, as his next opponent in the lower bracket was Mtkat's Palutena, which to that point had been rocking havoc in the lower bracket after being demoted by Echofire. Mtkat would eventually get a rematch versus Echofire, but before that, he had to finish off Kira with style.

Mtkat's palutena

Capitancito & Wolfen Comments

DashFight reached out to the winner of the qualifiers, Capitancito, and the bottom seed player who made it through the Last Chance Qualifiers, Wolfen, to get their comments on the recent weekend qualifier results and their expectations for the Regionals later this year.

Starting out with their performance on the weekend, Wolfen had this to say about their position in the bracket which saw him facing Sonix and Mtkat early on:

I could have had a better place if I had not touched those kinds of characters that are a problem for me.

On the other end, Capitancito had a lovely weekend and the result was a big surprise even to himself stating the following:

Going into the qualifier, I was confident I could qualify easily because of how much I prepared for the tournament. Still, even I was surprised to take it all. Getting to beat one of the best players online and #1 from my own region, Sonix, and someone who has beaten me in the past in ShinyMark, felt amazing. Winning 6-0 was a real confidence boost and a wake-up call that maybe I have what it takes to become a real good player regardless of online. I'm thinking of grinding my fundamentals for the regionals, not to get taken by surprise by any character and play solid.

Regardless of the path there, both qualified for the Regionals, which will pair them up with those from the Mexico Qualifiers. Who will be the biggest challenges then?

I know it is difficult, for that I have to train and have the best attitude, I feel excited and at the same time nervous, because it is my first event of great magnitude, I only think about giving my best
Wow, there are just so many good players that one can't really say what can happen, but if I had to pick, it's probably either Mkleo or Sparg0 since they are already really great players. Their characters also pose a big threat to my gunner, even though I believe if I can play confident, it won't be so easy for them.

Even after just playing a fierce competition, all players are excited to see each other on the Regional and to measure themselves against arguably one of the powerhouse regions, Mexico.

I Believe sonix can probably win the regionals. He has a bunch of experience vs the top players. He is always labbing sonic to see where he can improve, and as I said, I have no doubt he can win the regionals even against the best.
Personally, I am more excited to see Capitancito than Sonix because he used a very strange character and did very crazy things. I have spoken with several classifieds, at the same time, they are great friends.

What is next?

South America! Competitors from the southern hemisphere of the Americas will connect, hopefully with LAN adapters, to play out their qualifiers. As with most Qualifiers, the top 16 (12 from the Open Qualifiers, and 4 from the Last Chance Qualifiers) will move on to the regionals. You can catch the event live at VGBootCamp's twitch channel, or see the results, highlights, and more here on DashFight. You can follow us on Facebook and Twitter or join our special Discord server to meet other players from the fighting games community. Tell us your opinion about this on our Forum

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