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Birthday : Jan 20, 2001 (21)
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CharacterWin rateTotal usage
Joker72 %146
Byleth71 %118
Ike74 %46
Sephiroth65 %23
Lucina60 %20

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Leonardo "MKLeoLopez Perez is a professional Super Smash Bros. player from  Mexico

MKLeo's relationship with Super Smash Bros began early on as his brother ran local tournaments, while his cousins were some of the best Smash players in Mexico.

Leo's earliest victories were in Super Smash Bros Brawl at the age of 8, thereafter gaining serious recognition for knocking out Mr. R, who was a runner-up at the EVO 2016 tournament Super Smash Bros event, at the Smash Factor 4 tournament. After that, Leo's consistency improved with getting 5th place at the Get On My Level 2016 tournament, then winning Smash Factor 5 and Canada Cup 2016.

However, Leo had a hurdle to cross in Super Smash Bros player ZeRo, who constantly stopped him from getting first place in tournaments they both were participants in. This changed after the 2GGT Zero Saga tournament where he got the better of his long-time rival and ended up winning the event. This set him further on the path of becoming the best Smash player in the world. While ZeRo still won many sets against LeoLeo ended up beating ZeRo in another 2GGT tournament, not long after ZeRo retired from competitive Smash, drawing the rivalry to a close.

The release of Super Smash Bros Ultimate marked a bit of a slump in MKLeo's performance but that all changed when he settled into playing Joker. Initially, it was a challenge because Joker is very different from his normal characters, like LucinaIke, Meta Knight, or Wolf, but once he got control of the character, he made Joker look broken. In the 2021 SWT: Central America Ultimate Regional Finals, Leo's use of Byleth during the event upheld the opinion of the character being an unlikely high tier.  

Some of Leo's achievements include winning GENESIS 4 and 5Umebura Japan MajorDreamHack Atlanta 2017Smash Factor 6Super Smash Con 2017/2018, and 2GG: Kongo Saga among many others.

You can find Leonardo on Twitch, Twitter, and Instagram.