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Smash World Tour: Mexico Qualifier Results

Sebastian Quintanilla
3 min

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Smash World Tour: Mexico Qualifier Results
Images courtesy of Smash World Tour
Vamos hermanos! the first leg of the SWT got its start on the Americas with this amazing Mexico Qualifier.

After relaunching earlier in February this year, the Smash World Tour got its first set of qualified Mexican talent for their regionals later this year. The competition came to a close on Sunday, with both the top 6 players from the open qualifiers and the top 2 players from the last chance qualifiers moving on to the next phase.

Qualifying from the Open Qualifiers:

Qualifying from the Last Chance Qualifiers:

Although the event's final bracket, with the top six players from the open qualifiers, did not impact who would qualify for the regionals later this year. It did present some amazing games, including the grand finals after MKLeo, using Pyra, knocked Sparg0 out of winners and into the hands of Maister, only for him to come back and get the bracket reset and the win. And we could not talk about this particular set without showing you the absolutely bonkers end to their set in the finals:

What an ending to Sparg0 v Maister

Another heroic story was that of CloudY, knocked out in round 3 by MKLeo and then given Nair's Ridley's final blow. CloudY would be back for the LCQ, where once again he would perish at round 3, this time at the hands of Andrik. Still determined to make it, he had to face leafPolloRegi ShikimiBigBoss, and WaKa, these last four being full 3-2 series. In the end, he would not be able to enact revenge on Andrik, who reached the grand finals after a small scare against WaKa's Luigi in the winner finals, turning a down 2 game into a reverse sweep 3-2.

Andrik Believed

Other highlights include BigBoss playing a fantastic R.O.B that threaten many of the established leaders in the brackets until CloudY shut it down with impressive Pyra/Mythra Play. BigBoss would end up short of making it to the losers finals for the LCQ and will now need to wait until next year to compete in the SWT, but his performance with R.O.B really shows the mastery one can have of such character.

R.O.B spiked

What is next?

Oceania! the Aussies, kiwis and other islanders from the south pacific will have a chance to qualify for the international event. The stakes will be high, as only the grand finals winner will continue to the finals. At the moment of writing, over 150 players have signed up to compete. You can catch the event live at VGBootCamp's twitch channel, or see the results, highlights, and more here on DashFight. You can follow us on Facebook and Twitter or join our special Discord server to meet other players from the fighting games community. Tell us your opinion about this on our Forum

This material was created with the support of our Patrons. You can support us!

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