Top Matches of G4 Smash Ultimate Invitational

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Top Matches of G4 Smash Ultimate Invitational
Pic Source: G4TV on Twitch
The level of invitational matches always makes the esports show especially interesting.

The esports world of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate had two awesome events in a very short period of time. First, there were fights of Smash Ultimate Summit 4 — and Sparg0 gained an impressive victory. And right after that, G4 organized another invitational. Yep, let’s talk about it.

Eight top-level SSBU players participated in G4 Smash Ultimate Invitational. With no Groups, they started directly with the Top 8 brackets.

Participants of G4 Smash Ultimate Invitational

G4 Smash Ultimate Invitational | Stream

Sparg0 had a very good, confident run through the bracket. He won 2:1 against Void and Glutonny. Then, Sparg0 had two matches vs Larry Lurr. In the Winners Final, he got a 3:1 victory. In the Grand Final, it seemed like Sparg0 struggled a bit, but he still managed to win, 3:2. Congratulations!

It was great to see such excellent matches, and we at DashFight look forward to new big Smash Ultimate esports events.

Alas, SSBU is absent at Evo 2022. But Nintendo cooperated with Panda, and that might create excellent tournaments.