The Victorious Run of Sonic: CUP Smash's Charity Tournament

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The Victorious Run of Sonic: CUP Smash's Charity Tournament
That was an extraordinary fighting esports event - with lots of great matches and an excellent goal to help children and just have fun together

On April 17, the NA Super Smash Bros. community had a chance to play at a great charity event. Even if you did not participate in the tournament, you can still enjoy the matches on video - and thus add your support to the whole initiative.

CUP Smash's Charity Tournament had a goal to raise money for the pediatric organization Cook Children. The Twitch users were able to donate and help long-term patients.

The players fought for the prize pool, but the organizer clearly stated that they are more interested in uniting the community and bringing the general joyful atmosphere to the event - not strictly tense competition.

The tournament is obviously over, and that means you can jump to the results. But what about taking a look at some matches without knowing the winner?

SSBU Esports - CUP Smash's Charity Tournament, Full Stream

If you are ready to know the results, we are ready to reveal them.

So, whose Sonic from the post title had a victorious run? Two players used this character in the Top 8 brackets: Sonix and SuperGirlKels. They had their matches in the separate Winners Semi Finals - Sonix defeated Jake (3:1), and SuperGirlKels got a victory over Skyjay (3:2). 

The players met in the Winners Final, and first, both of them decided to take another character. SuperGirlKels used Kirby the whole match, but Sonix returned to Sonic after the first round with Donkey Kong. And the blue hedgehog won (3:2).

SuperGirlKels fell into the Losers bracket. Her Sonic lost to Inkling and Palutena of Chag.

The Grand Final was Sonix vs Chag (and Sonic vs Palutena). Ok, you know the result thanks to the title - Sonix won the Grand Final and the whole tournament 3:1.

CUP Smash's Charity Tournament - Top 8 Players

  • 1. Sonix (Bandits) - Donkey Kong / Sonic
  • 2. Chag (AAA | SF) - Inkling / Palutena
  • 3. SuperGirlKels (Lazarus) - Kirby / Sonic
  • 4. Jake (IlluZion) - Alex / Mario 
  • 5. Maister (Spacestation Gaming) - Mr. Game & Watch
  • 5. Skyjay (Smash Factor) - Incineroar
  • 7. WaDi (Panda) - R.O.B
  • 7. ChunkyKong - Wario / Donkey Kong

We at DashFight continue keeping an eye on such events - we love great stuff happening in the community. Do you follow the progress of the Smash World Tour? We cover each event of this series. What about a regular tournament organized by… Waluigi? (Ok, the guys have chosen a funny name for their event)

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