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  • USA

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Birthday : Feb 5, 1996 (26)
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Chris "WaDi" Boston is an American Super Smash Bros. player from Virginia who was previously known as WaDiRob. He is currently ranked 20th in the PGRU Fall 2019 for Ultimate and 26th on the PGR100 for Wii U.

WaDi's SSBWii U main was Mewtwo while SSBUltimate main is R.O.B. Hailed as an awesome Smash Ultimate rob player, he has teamed up for doubles matches with top smashers such as MKLeoANTiDabuz, and MattyG.

The WaDi smash chronicles include placing 7th at CEO 2019, 9th at MomoCon 2019, 17th at EVO 2019, Glitch 8 & Super Smash Con 2019, 25th at Frostbite 2019, and 33rd at Frostbite 2020.

At 2GG: Kongo Saga, WaDi won matches against opponents like Abadango and Ned

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