Dark Wizzy

  • Rasheen Rose
  • USA

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Birthday : Jan 24, 2000 (22)
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Rasheen Rose aka Dark Wizzy is a Mario main, American Super Smash Bros. Ultimate player, known for participating in the Smash Conference United and ranked 1st place out of 361 entrants in the SSBU singles event.

Considered the best Mario player in the world, Rasheen has defeated top smashers including Cosmos, CaptainZack, Marss, ESAM, Fatality, Light, and WaDi in SSB4.

Dark Wizzy is also a top competitor, placing 1st at Phantom 2020, 2nd at Glitch 8, 4th at 5th at Genesis  7& Shine 2019, 7th at Let's Make Big Moves, 13th at MomoCon 2019 & Pound 2019, and 17th at Frostbite 2020  & Super Smash Con 2019 among others, and has also partnered up with smashers such as MKLeo, Mr. E, Salem, and Samsora.