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Axiom XL is a professional Super Smash Bros. competitor from MassachusettsUSA. Their key disciplines are Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, Super Smash Bros. 4, and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, where they main Wario

Axiom XL is ranked as 4th in Massachusetts and 5th in New England, according to their Twitter page. They have taken sets against such famous players as Marss and LingLing. Axiom XL is also regarded as the player with one of the most consistent Smash win rates in New England

Axiom XL's career in competitive Smash began at GUMS 3 in 2015 (SSBWU), where they took 13th place. They played SSBWU in the following years, making remarkable appearances at such events as: 

• 2016: RetzieManiaXXIII (9th place), GUMS 7 (the 2nd place), GUMS X (the 3rd place), Shine 2016, and GUMS 11 (the 3rd place).

• 2017: GUMS 15 (9th in singles), GUMS 17 (4th place in singles), GUMS 18 (the 2nd place in singles), Overclocked, Shine 2017 (33rd place in doubles), and Same^2 (the 1st place).

 • 2018: Shine 2018, New England Arcadian II (the 1st place), Hawk's Landing @ Becker College (the 1st place).

Since early 2019, Axiom XL has been playing SSBU. They competed in it at such events as Overclocked Ultimate II: New England Smash Ultimate Regional (13th place), Batter-Up Smash -- Pre-Shine Ultimate Weekly (the 1st place), Shine 2019 (33rd place), Dig Deep (the 1st place), World-8 (the 1st place), Dig Deep 2 (the 1st place), Frostbite 2020 (65th place), SUBtember Showdown (the 1st place), Target Test (5th place), Mega Smash Mondays Online 41 (13th place) and others.