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  • Canada

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William Morin, also known as "FSharp," is a Canadian Super Smash Bros player who represents Grizzlys Esports. He mains Ken with Terry and Ryu as secondaries in SSBU and mains Ryu with Wii Fit Trainer as secondary in SSB4.

Ranked 7th on the Smash Wii U Montreal Power Rankings and 3rd on the Montreal Ultimate Power Rankings (Season 2), FSharp has an overall set count of 78% and is a regular at SmashLoft Ultimate Weekly and MGC: Elite Monthly Series. He has teamed up with smashers like Justin, Wistiti, and Ramzy to play Smash Ultimate doubles.

FSharpalso competed in ssbu singles and ranked 3rd at Mango's Birthday Bash, 4th at LAN ETS 2020, 5th at Frostfire 2020, 13th at Amuka Smash Cup & DreamHack Montreal 2019, 25th at Shine 2019, 33rd at Get On My Level 2019, and 65th at Let's Make Big Moves.

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