Have You Nominated a Player for Ultimate Summit 4?

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Have You Nominated a Player for Ultimate Summit 4?
Pic Source: Smash Ultimate Summit 4 on smash.gg
Who will join the crowd of invited and qualified SSBU players?

Ultimate Summit 4 is planned for March 3-6. It’s a pretty long way to go, but still, it’s already time to get involved in this Smash esports excitement. Everyone can participate in voting to select six Crowdfunded Players.

The tournament will have three categories of participants.

  • Invited Players: ProtoBanham, Glutonny, Light, and Dabuz
  • Those qualified from Mainstage 2021: MkLeo, Sparg0, Elegant, Tea, Tweek, and Chag
  • Chosen by the community — just follow the link in the tweet below and support someone.

The organizers have revealed the voting schedule. It explains the stages of this process.

Don’t miss the opportunity to participate in this activity!

Have difficulties choosing a player to support? Take a look at DashFight’s recap of SSBU esports in 2021 — it might remind you of some names.