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Pound 2022: an Offline Smash Event in Maryland

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Pound 2022: an Offline Smash Event in Maryland
Pic Source: Pound 2022 on smash.gg
Not only is this a great tourney itself, but also, it’s part of the Smash World Tour.

2022 is a very special year in fighting esports as many tournaments emerge from the online dimension and return to the traditional in-person format. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate joins this trend with various events — such as Smash World Tour.

The circuit has a system of distributing points depending on the tournament size. The biggest events are Platinum, and their participants get the most points in the Smash World Tour standings.

On April 22-24, the community could enjoy Smash Ultimate and Melee matches of Pound 2022, one of those Platinum tourneys. It took place in Laurel, Maryland, but thanks to the miracles of streaming services, we can enjoy the fights on VODs. Are you ready?

Pound 2022 | Smash Melee, Top 8

Zain was pretty strong throughout the whole tournament, and he bloomed with power in the Grand Final. In the Top 8 bracket, Zain defeated Leffen once and Hungrybox twice.

After this event, Zain shares 1-2 place in the Smash World Tour Melee standings with Amida, both having 800 points.

Pound 2022 | Smash Ultimate, Top 8

Glutonny with his Wario had rather a tough match against Light in the Winners Final, and still, his main opponent was MkLeo. These guys played in the Winners Semi and in the Grand Final. While the first fight pushed MkLeo to the Losers bracket, the final one was impressively close — Glutonny lost the first match but then brought the situation to the very last round and won even having a stock/damage disadvantage. 

MkLeo is the leader of Smash World Tour Ultimate standings with 815 points; Sekai Doggo is second with 801 points; and Glutonny is third with 800 points. The competition continues!

The next event of Smash World Tour happens in Japan, for both Melee and Ultimate. The dates for SSB Melee are yet to be announced, but we already know when to enjoy Japanese SSBU — on May 4-5.

The previous quite big Super Smash Bros. Ultimate tournament gathered a huge amount of participants. Did you watch matches of Genesis 8? You might find familiar names in the Grand Final.

This material was created with the support of our Patrons. You can support us!

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