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Previously known as "Salt One," Kolawole KolaAideyan is a free agent Super Smash Bros. Melee, Ultimate, and Wii U player from the United States. His main characters are Roy and Cloud with Snake as his secondary character. He is hailed as one of the best Roy players in the world.

Ranked 7th on the Wi-Fi Warrior Rankings v6 and 46th on the Fall 2019 PGRU Rankings, Kola has competed at numerous SSBU tournaments including:

  • 2021: InfinityCON Tally 2021 (1st), Maji Georgia Invitational (1st), Smash Ultimate Summit 3 (7th), SWT 2021 Southeast America Qualifier (3rd), Typhoon Saga 2021 (1st).
  • 2020: bunker down (4) (1st), CEO Dreamland 2020 (2nd), Clash Of The Carolinas III (1st), Derpu's Online Tournament 2020 (1st), Domics' Atomic Arena (3rd), Frostbite 2020 (17th), Glitch 8 (13th), Kumite in Tennesse 2020 (1st), Pound Online (13th), Soaked Series Invitational (1st), The Atlas Cup (1st), ULTIMATE 32 (5th), US ARMY ESPORTS TOURNAMENT (25th).
  • 2019: 2GG: Grand Tour - South Carolina (5th), DreamHack Atlanta 2019 (25th), Final Round 2019 (1st), Just Roll With It! 11 (2nd), Little Big House 5 (4th), MomoCon 2019 (49th), Super Smash Con 2019 (13th), The Big House 9 (9th).

Kola is a big fan and collector of Air Jordan kicks and is known to team up with top players like Goblin, Hyper Kirby, and Wrath to play SSBU doubles. Follow him on Twitter and Twitch!