• Jessie Valdez
  • USA
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Jessie "JeJaJeJa" Valdez is a Super Smash Bros. Ultimate player from the United States. They main Kirby and represent Team Eminence.

JeJaJeJa has competed in SSBU singles at tourneys like 2GG Crisis Core: Final Saga, Baecation Online 9, Derpu's Online Tournament 2020, Epic_Tournament, Flat Combats 8, Frame Perfect Series 2: ONLINE, Galaxy Gambit x Collision 5, Get Clipped 4, LagSpike 25, M-Kolosseum 3, PRYDE + HONOR 1, Raccoon Cup 2021, Ribbon's Rainbow Rumble, Smash the Router 4, Spacestation Presents: The Airlock, Star Rod Summit 2020, The Box: Juice Box 23, The Online Olympus II and Vermillion Stadium.

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