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Who Got Smash Ultimate Lunch Box #9?

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Who Got Smash Ultimate Lunch Box #9?
There should be some very tasty goodies inside if so many top-level SSBU players are trying so hard to put their hands on that box

Hungrybox and Team Liquid have delivered another exciting episode of their monthly Super Smash Bros. Ultimate tournament The Box: Lunch Box. It’s always a great show - entertaining and educational. Who knows what tricks you would learn this time?

Many prominent players entered the Top 8 part of The Box: Lunch Box #9. For example, BestNess, who regularly fights for victory at the Get Clipped tournaments, Maister, the happy owner of Juice Box #26, and Epic_Gabriel, the winner of Smash the Router #4.  

Please, treat yourself to watching these matches before scrolling this post to the results. The real excitement of fighting esports is not in the top 8 list (but yep, that’s also very interesting) but in powerful emotions that burst on the fighting grounds.

The Box: Lunch Box #9 - Stream by Hungrybox

What do you think, guys? Which match is the best? 

The path of Sparg0 at this tournament is quite powerful. The player entered the Finals through the Losers Bracket and defeated five opponents to reach the Grand Final. Sparg0 won the first match against SKITTLES!! but then lost the Grand Final Reset. Anyway, you get the title of the best Wi-Fi player for a reason you know.

The winner, SKITTLES!!, demonstrated the true might of Toon Link. After such examples, you may read our article about Zelda heroes in Smash with a different mood.

Top 8 players of The Box: Lunch Box #9:

  • 1. Tanner “SKITTLES!!” Jordan - Toon Link
  • 2. Edgar “Sparg0” Valdez - Cloud
  • 3. Sonix (Bandits) - Sonic
  • 4. Enrique “Maister” Hernandez (Spacestation Gaming) - Mr. Game & Watch
  • 5. Spencer “BestNess” Garner - Ness
  • 5. Kiyarash “Kiyarash” Younessi (AnG) - Luigi
  • 7. Chris “Lights” Bone - Zero Suit Samus / Cloud
  • 7. Jestise “MVD” Negron (Thunder Gaming) - Snake / R.O.B.

Probably, we will be able to enjoy matches of these guys at the upcoming huge tourney Smash World Tour 2021. And also, it’s a chance to meet new gifted players.

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This material was created with the support of our Patrons. You can support us!

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