Epic_Gabriel Smashed the Fourth Router

Jan 26 20212 min
Epic_Gabriel Smashed the Fourth Router
Pic Source: RocaVR Twitch channel
He wins the second tournaments of this series in a row

On January 23, we had a chance to enjoy Super Smash Bros. Ultimate fights of the esports tournament Smash the Router #4. It had a $1,000 prize pool and was available for players from North America.

DashFight has a post about Smash the Router #3 - so please, check it out. However different the battle for championship was in July, the final result is the same, and Gabriel “Epic_Gabriel” Romero is a two-time router smasher now.

In the Finals, R.O.B. of Epic_Gabriel successfully defeated Ike of Yez, Sheik and Zero Suit Samus of Sharp, and Pikachu of ShinyMark. That was quite a series of win rounds! In fact, Gabriel lost only one round during the whole event - in the starting pools.

Smash the Router #4 - Stream

Top 8 players of Smash the Router #4

  • 1. Gabriel “Epic_Gabriel” Romero - R.O.B.
  • 2. Markus “ShinyMark” Florido (Shory's) - Pikachu
  • 3. Noah “Sharp” M. - Zero Suit Samus / Sharp
  • 4. Yezre'el “Yez” Askew (USAE PvE) - Ike
  • 5. Luis “Lui$” Oceguera - Wolf / Palutena / Falco
  • 5. Grayson “Grayson” R (FRKS) - R.O.B.
  • 7. Samuel “Sem” Reed (MSL | TE) - Dr. Mario
  • 7. Philippe “Shigura” G. (YDD | NME) - Byleth

Epic_Gabriel participates in many other Smash Ultimate events and wins quite a lot of them. You could see his R.O.B. fighting at The Box: Juice Box #24 and #23. Could pro players have divide their zones of interest? For example, BestNess has occupied the Get Clipped events and wins them one after another.



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