• Gabriel Romero
  • USA

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Birthday : Nov 19, 2002 (19)
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Gabriel Romero "Epic_Gabriel" is a competitive gamer from America. He mains R.O.B. with many secondary characters including Chrom and Ken in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

Ranked 3rd on the Central Florida Ultimate Power Rankings & The Box: PR, and 12th on the Wi-Fi Warrior Rankings, Epic_Gabriel has won against top smashers like BestNess and Goblin. He used to play for 24 Islands but joined IlluZion Gaming in March 2020.

Epic_Gabriel competed in SSBU singles and placed 1st at GatorLAN Spring 2020, 7th at CEO Dreamland 2020, 9th at Overlords of Orlando: Octoberlords, 17th at DreamHack Atlanta 2019 & The Quarantine Series: Pound Online, 25th at Genesis 7, 49th at Frostbite 2020.

At Let's Make Big Moves, Epic_Gabriel placed 25th after losing to Laid and ANTi in the SSBU singles event, while partnering up with smasher MVD for the SSBU doubles event, ranked 5th place. 

In August 2020, Epic_Gabriel organized Epic_Tournament with a $350 prize pot. Sparg0 won first place with other notable smashers like Riddles and MKLeo placing in the top 8.

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